Welcome back to the new year

Resolutions. That word is thrown around like glitter and glue in a kindergarten classroom during that last week of December leading into January.   Most of us are riding a wave of love, food comas and family time overdose as we begin to think about what this past year has amounted to. Then as the swell continues to grow, we reach the height of it all, and New Years hits us.  Discussions, declarations and resolutions are announced. Maybe these resolutions had once been an objective of the previous year. Maybe some of your new declared resolutions look familiar to those of 2017, or maybe they far exceed them and you are reaching for the most extreme, wild things to be completed in the next 365 days.  The word resolution is defined as, “a firm decision to do or not do something”.  Most of my own resolutions live a short, action packed life until January 31st and then begin to dissipate.  But maybe if I continued to pursue some of them, they would not be the recurring ones year to year,  or maybe I just scratch them right off the list and never think about them again.  

Hmmmmm now this is interesting because when writing this blog I had an idea of how I wanted to talk about resolutions and how overrated they are.  I’m second guessing myself as I type and beginning to question why most of my own and maybe some of your new years resolutions either go incompleted or become forgotten once the next holiday comes around.  If by any means you do not fall into this category and complete and own all your new year’s resolutions, well, hats off to you.  But maybe we don’t need the countdown of a clock at midnight to set these new resolutions.  Yes it is a new year, but tomorrow is a new day and then the day after that as well. Is that not enough? Having a fresh start each and every day when you roll over and wake up in the morning.  Today, Wednesday, January 3, 2018, was a new day to for a new resolution. You woke up to kick off Bridge month! You woke up maybe not wanting to get going while it was still pitch black outside.  You had to hurry to your car before 6 to heat it up so when you sat on your seat your bum wouldn’t freeze.  CBC radio is forecasting for another cold one in the depths of the negative 20’s, but you showed up. Now someone could read this and say well ya, I showed up for November Project Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 for the first day of bridge month, check that off the list and onto my next resolution.  

So I am a little bit confused how twisted this blog became about resolutions but maybe the moral is we hate to love em. They are yours, they are for yourself. If you’ve created some goals that have fallen flat, that’s okay. There’s probably a reason you prioritized another one because you had a greater reason to focus your time and energy on that one. Set goals and make a plan to tackle them, but be patient with yourself, take time to reflect about what’s important and what you want to work towards- in all areas of life- health, fitness, work, family, relationships. Find what’s important and where you want to go, and then set goals that will help you get there.

If your goal was to wake up this morning and show up to NP, you’ve accomplished just that. What’s next? Here’s to you showing up this week underneath a giant spider, Maman, to be exact and here’s to showing up next week and the week after that.  

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


SOCIAL, SOCIAL, SOCIAL did we say we’re having a SOCIAL cause we are!

Get ready on Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 7pm at the Barley Mow for hot/cold/lukewarm beverages, whatever the weather calls for. Bring your creative minds for arts and crafts and NP business card time!

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