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2017 was quite the eventful year. The fifth year of this movement running the streets of San Francisco, and the seventh year of #worldtakeover. As we just welcomed the 45th Tribe to this movement (Grand Rapids, Michigan), it has been amazing to watch this November Project steam train keep rolling and rolling spreading the gospel of free fitness and community across the world.

Here we’ll recap on a few of our highlights of the year, through IG posts and photos. The weirdest workouts.  The fiercest races. The inspirational stories. Also included are some of the more powerful blog posts from throughout the year. Definitely worth a read back in case you missed them.

So 2017….

This was a homecoming year for the November Project. After 2016, the year of the #mothershift, Boston turned the tides last June and brought Tribe members from across the world back to the home of it all, Harvard Stadium. On the Friday morning of our 5th NP Summit, over 1000 people from across the NP world took to these hallowed stairs before scrambling over Mount Watchusetts in The North Face Endurance Challenge the following morning. Of course, Dooster was there to capture this occasion in all its glory….

Throughout 2017, we were lucky to see many of the true leaders amongst our Tribe members stand in front of the Tribe and lead us through powerful events. Here are some of examples of our guest leaders from throughout the year.

Lindsay & Jide organised a November Project SF contingent in this year’s Pride Parade. It was a powerful weekend for the Tribe, and we’re so thankful for Jide and Lindsay for being the engine behind our participation…

“As Pride approached Lindsay and I began having more discussions on the importance of this celebration. We recognize that at the core of this tribe is its willingness to be a part of the larger community beyond itself. We wanted NP to show up for the LGBTQ community. Through the small gesture of crowdfunding the parade contingent in less than a week, NP showed up.”

I’m Proud Of You (SF)

After the devastating Sonoma and Napa fires, we were met with scenario of disastrously poor air quality and worrying about the safety of holding an outdoor workout. Cue The North Face’s Post St store, and our guest coleader, Tantek!

And then there’s the unsung heroes of the Tribe. “Behind every great leader is an even better listener. Whether it be a friend, a roommate, a friendly roommate, a significant other, or an underpaid bartender, these are the unsung heroes of the November Project world.” Connor Green finally took home the Positivity Award on a particularly apt morning, NPSF’s fifth birthday on a beautiful morning in Fort Baker!

The Unsung Heroes (SF)

Zip summed up the importance of each and every Tribe member nicely in his December blog post, after the Tribe collected $1500 to present to myself, Laura and Zip as a Christmas present (Sheesley, you cheeky fecker)… “Being the people at the front does not mean that this is ours. The reason NP continues is because you all continue to show up, smile, and work your asses off. An old soccer coach used to preach consistency and say “you’re only as good as your last game.” The same applies to this tribe. It’s possible to look at the workouts and the fun we have and think that us leaders are creating this momentum. But the truth is that it’s all you guys. We, as a group, are only as good as the people who show up. The best NP workout is always the next one. And that has nothing to do with the three of us and everything to do with you. And your consistency.”

We Are Grateful. Always. (SF)

Across the world of November Project, we collectively started a drive of #NPGivesBack. Tribes using their collective power to support and give back to people and groups in need across their city. The generosity of the Tribe was immense throughout the year. From donating Christmas presents, clothes and food to THE FAMILY HOUSE at UCSF, to tearing their own bodies to shreds wrestling blackberry brambles in the Presidio. One of the really powerful drives was when the Tribe gathered donations for the victims of the North Bay Fires in October.


We are continuously inspired by the individuals in our Tribe and their personal stories. In the late summer, the Crate Escape took to the streets to San Francisco. The tribe spoke about their past, their families, and friends that are family. They opened a small window into who they are and invited us all to take a peek in. We’re excited to take this event to our city streets again in 2018.

Of course, sticking to our central theme of our Tribe, we did plenty of fun stupid shit throughout 2017. The finals of the World Championship of the Hobby Horse was definitely up there!

The World Championship of Hobby Horse (SF)

Or Louise and Weston leading us through probably the funniest workout of all time. Along with the dance video that keeps on giving. Paddy is taking all professional dancing offers right now to his secretary, Josh Zipin.

We threw down the gauntlet at many a race from the streets to the trails…

And then, we had the annual pilgrimage of trail runners and Tribe members from across the globe for the west coast summit, the annual “Recruit everyone to move to SF” drive, the Endurance Challenge Championships, ECSCA. An ECSCA wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t rip the piss out of the other Tribes that were coming to visit…

The 2017 Ultra Tribe of the Year Preview (NPSF)

And if we didn’t blow people’s minds with an epic location and sunrise, we would be doing it wrong. Classic San Francisco!

But one of our favourite events for the three of us was the Great Battle of the Face Tags. Splitting the tribe into three groups: Team Zip, Team Green and Team Paddy, we pitted the Tribe against each other seeing which team could accumulate the most hill repeats over 4 consecutive Fridays. Controversially Team Zip emerges victorious, much to the dismay of the two co-leaders of the less jacked variety. Though it did lead to another epic dance performance on Twin Peaks (Sorry how has Paddy not got a professional dance contract yet!!?!!).

We honoured a great pillar of the November Project movement. Along with his partner-in-crime and in marriage, Jenn, Ben O’Meara was part of the Boston tribe for several years, he’s helped strengthen and deepen the Woo tribe into a super tight-knit crew of fitness loving human beings, and he’s visited and put smiles on the faces of so many Tribes. Ben loved NP and NP loves Ben. We decided to start presenting “The O’Meara” helmet to the Tribe member who is never seen standing on the side, always going hard, never complaining. Tribe members who lead by example week in, week out.

Ohhhh it was also the year we took over AT&T Stadium!!!

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The North Face Frostfit took us to the stairs of AT&T Park last night, where the atmosphere was ELECTRIC! With thumb wrestling pushup contests, a stair section race across the ballpark and a manic Rock Paper Scissors contest, everyone was getting after it, pushing themselves and the people around them. You, THE PEOPLE, made this event! A huge thank you goes to @TheNorthFace for creating this event across NYC, Boston and San Francisco. For having us three hoodlums lead it, and for the great prizes and Public House rehydration afterwards. Cheers the @SFGiants for being such awesome hosts! And then there's DJ Haut @TodB. You kept us dancing and racing all evening. PEW PEW PEW! #neverstopexploring #frostfit #frostfitSF #NPSF #novemberproject 📸: @brysonmalone

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And the year, we lit up the coast from SD to LA to San Francisco, with a great series of PM events involving beaches, beverages and great company.

And the year we had some friends in the East Bay start their own bit of #freefitness movement. Excited to see Rebecca Bar, Alex T and the East Bay Free Fitness pledge go from strength to strength these next few months. And for the collaborative throw downs and events, we’ll have together. SEE YOU ON THE START LINE, TREMBATH!!!

To a 2018 of running and racing, high diving and hugging, dancing and laughing. Keep spreading the word of this movement. Exploring your city, your friendships and community. Your presence is transforming the people around you, so thank you for showing up week in, week out!

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