Wednesdays, amIright (IND)

Wednesdays . . . are the absolute BEST, especially when it’s a race day Wednesday! Sure the thought of the race day workout haunts people for the entire week prior and ensures only half the Tribe will get anything close to decent sleep the night before, but it’s the best. Your legs will tell you that’s the case throughout today and into tomorrow.

Wednesdays are made even better when we’re surrounded by positive, hyped up, and just plain inspirational figures, though there’s really nothing plain about that. You may have been inspired by seeing a few familiar faces back at it this morning–looking at you Frank and you Dice. I was inspired by the newbie showing today. Actually, yes the newbie showing for 6:15a was awesome, but they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into considering their recruiter, super fresh on the NP scene herself, has never done and likely never heard of a race day workout. So I was really inspired by their commitment to the workout more so than their attendance. Great job on the recruiting front, and just a great job all around this morning, Tribe! People were pushing it (and each other).

Getting right into the less flowery important stuff:

  • Friday (9/28) we’re meeting at 6a at the Circle, north spoke. Be ready for an incredible workout.
  • Saturday we PLOG! Exercise, clean up a neighborhood, and have a brew or two with friends or friends-to-be. The first one’s on the house. As it says in the link there, meet at Flat12 for the 10a plog along Pogue’s Run, good socializing to follow. There’s a delicious sub shop inside Flat12, so lunchtime food is available there. Plus, it’s Indy Do Day, so come do . . . on that day. Let’s leave it at that.
  • On another Saturday (10/20 that is), we run and get rowdy! Join us in supporting the inaugural Pacers 5K next month. We’re all about lending the team support since they lend us one of the coolest places in town to host a workout, that is to say their court. Big NP numbers can only help us get a favorable answer on a Pacers court ask again this winter. Folks, aside from the sheer coolness of that experience, that’s indoors, in the winter, at an actual sanctioned NP workout; just sayin’. Sign up before Oct 5th for a discount.
  • Thanks PAINT CREW and PICTURE DUE (read: dude)!! You guys and gal absolutely rocked it this morning. Crisp shirts featured in crisp pics. We appreciate your devotion (these guys do a pre early workout workout). And on that last note, did I hear mention of people spurring other overachieving people to tackle the unheard of triple race day workout this morning??!!

I love you (so does Tom^, most likely),


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