WEather Proof

We had an amazing workout today!

We got our first taste of cold fall air today and got our penguin huddle on. Someone even muttered that “it’s not even this cold in Boston”… She got a hug.

Last weeks 7 Nation Army was very complicated (but awesome) so we took it down to the simple yet hard asskicking that destination decks can be. With a west coast twist we threw in 2 decks on opposite sides of our amazing workout space. You either got to see what was left of the mountains from the Dark grey ominous clouds ( thank you weather gods for not opening up on us quite yet). Or you go to look south towards the ocean and the beauty that is BC. Throwing in a station half way through, the obligatory 2 handed volleyball block highfives were there. We dished 5’s all day long and got some amazing reps in.


The best news of the day is that we had tribe mates from Boston, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg all show up. Someone even drove in from Kelowna last night to be part of the action this morning (thank you Beautiful… literally the guys name… ok not literally but that is how I introduced him)

Graham will be back next week and will have the music back and blaring!


And from our tribemate (“seriously not a cult… haha” also heard this morning) one of my fav things as posted on our bulletin board by Melissa (who used to not like hugs):

Good things overheard this grey morning:

“He looks like he’s raising the roof”
“What up, Calgary?!”
“Wanna trade cards?”
“Two minutes? That’s enough time for ten burpees”
“To the hill!!”
“I hope we get to Hot Dog Roll – PG style”
“That’s how you get pregnant”

Have a fantastic day!!Mr. November

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