We Stole Hoisties From MSN Tribe

Today’s workout consisted of 16 minutes of Hoisties, low-five pushups a.k.a. Clappies, Burpees, and Air-squats. In order to educate folks that didn’t partake in our morning workout activities, we are dedicating today’s post to explaining Hoisties.

Hoisties – /hoist-ēz/ noun. repetitive partner performed exercise in which participants use interlocking hand grip and the weight of each other’s bodies to propel themselves from a sitting position to a fully erected stand while loudly exclaiming “Hoisties” every time they successfully perform a repetition.

Language of origin: 21st century American English with its roots tracing to Madison, Wisconsin.

Use in the sentence: “I just finished a ten minute circuit of Hoisties and my glutes are on fire.

– Jumping Hoisties – engaging in a jump at the top of each repetition.
– Partner Hoisties – not to be confused for regular Hoisties. Partner Hoisties are performed with three or more participants. One person Hoistie is not a Hositie. For an exercise to be officially recognized a Hoistie it needs to be performed in a pair.

Urban Dictionary Variations: Hoistees, Hoisteez, Hoiste-z, Hoistys.

See you on Wednesday at the stadium.

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