We Made It (BOS 5.10.19)

We made it to Friday.  Somehow, most weeks, this is how it feels—we’re working hard and busy as hell and getting to Friday without completely falling apart seems to be one of the greatest accomplishments out there.  And if you managed to show up one, or two, or even three days at NP this week in Boston, good freaking job.  That’s not easy to do. 

It’s not easy to keep at things that feel never-ending.  The stuff that challenges us just enough to feel the stress and strain but also not soooo much that we’re in crisis 24/7.  The stuff that takes a cumulative toll on us—eventually making us wonder whether we can get through the week, even make it to Friday. 

If that resonates with you, hang in there.  It can’t, and it won’t stay like that forever.  Things just change by nature of life and people, by nature of our perspectives and experiences changing too, which allows shifts to happen, sometimes slowly and eventually, if not as quickly as we’d like. 

And, when we keep showing up and working hard, we find that things do have the capacity to change.  Running may or may not be the best lens through which to better understand life, or the other way around, but here’s an opportunity to see both a little more clearly.  PR day is one of those never-ending, ongoing, always gonna happen events.  In Boston, it’s the 2nd Friday of every month and we race those hills to see how we measure up against ourselves.  And maybe a long time ago you set a PR.  It was a phenomenal day back then and you crushed it maybe even before you really knew how fast or far you could go.  And then the pressure of trying to PR again got to you.  Or you started training for something else that made hills harder to race.  Or you got injured or took time off from the hills.  And now it just seems unattainable.  How do you even get back to that??? 

Today was PR hills day and there were a whole bunch of people who set new personal records—not because they woke up today believing or envisioning that they would—but because they showed up, they worked hard, and because they were willing to give it a go even if it felt impossible.  It’s like getting up for another day of life, even though the things are challenging and the stresses are still there and getting through the day often feels like slogging up that ridiculous front hill.  But we do it, and we get to the top, and then we appreciate the down of the back hill that much more.  Because there are these tiny moments of reprieve where we can rest, catch our breath, or just prepare ourselves mentally for the yet-another uphill we’re bound to face. 

It’s not a magical thing, that you just show up and POOF, you PR.  But the point is that we don’t have to give up showing up, just because the hill is tall and steep.  And we don’t have to give up showing up to life, just because getting to Friday is a momentous accomplishment.  If anything, the two go hand in hand—keep showing up for all the hard things and remember that there are other people running hard in front of you, behind you, across the street from you, and on the other side of the hill.  There’s a finisher tunnel of pretty great humans ready to cheer you to your finish, and we’re glad you’re here.  We made it to Friday, and we’re going to keep making it through the ups and downs, the hills and valleys, the hardships and the celebrations.  Hang in there. 


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