Warning, weird, crazy, amazing, cheese bombs will be used in this post….

Monday - Aug 30 2015Mondays are weird, I mean, who wakes up, and touches random strangers, clearly we were hesitant and scared, but we got through it.  I think it was the bounce that made us comfortable, or the ‘fuck yeah’, nah, maybe it was the warm up, hmmmm, nope, the rock, paper, scissors game?  Ok ok, the hug must be it?  Maybe its the fact that all these humans gather, without questioning who they are gonna see, what they look like, how we move.  There is no question, no doubt, no fear, of course if its your first time, you have no clue what to expect, but after that epic bounce, that feeling of empowerment, community, and the first laugh, your hooked.  You’ve officially experienced ‘being human’ again (yes this may have come from an interesting hockey player, but its true).

This week was pretty epic, I Tammarathon, have been saying how grateful I am, how amazing this really is, how every ounce of me believes in this thing, this movement, this strange, crazy, amazing, real, raw, authentic, getting back to your roots, type of sweat session. Since I started this, I’ve been going around making a bunch of noise, getting in peoples faces, giving random runners hugs, people on their way to work have no clue what just happened, but they remember it, they all remember.  I live this, I breathe this, I wake up tired, and show up with more energy than the energizer bunny, I mean those who’ve seen me know, and think its crazy, but it comes from each individual that shows up, each person with their smile, their hugs, their tiny morning laughs.  I’ve said this so many times, I do these things, these quirky, weird, spontaneous things, because I believe in people, humans, beings.  I believe there is the good in everyone, and can say that with 100% truth.

Wednesday, this day, was epic, awesome, amazing.  The humans were fierce, so many new faces, and new bodies to hug.  After a struggle with getting back into McMahon Stadium, and our last attempts via social media, we were back at our memorial stairs.  Lets think about this though while we really want to be back into the stadium (and we will) , we also get to appreciate our memorial stairs that boast some of the most incredible views in the city, we get the river, downtown, and those amazing mountains, we also get to be closer to all the amazing humans that showed up, so yeah, McMahon would be cool, but these are amazing, plus we took it to the park and played simon says, does it get better?! Judging by the silence you agree.

Today, we also had a bit of a surprise, there were these talking lemons that showed up, ok it was lulu, you guessed it (your good at this).  They had some pretty cute cupcakes, and ummm, maybe champagne and orange juice, so Holly (positivity award winner, #famous), held these cupcakes, while people filmed right after our announcements.  “Tammara, we thought you would be hungry after all those stairs” (even though I eat stairs for breakfast, clearly) my response was so cheesy, and clearly not thought out “awwww”, the cupcakes said ‘Ambassador’ and Holly, not quite on one knee, and since NP is all about proposals and love, proposed to me.  “Will you be our ambassador?” ok, so heres the kicker, I said ‘YES’, but it wasn’t good enough, even got denied a hug, so she asked me again, ohhhh, I get it ok, ‘FUCK YEAH’, bam, it happened.  Ok, so the moral of this story, when I received this proposal, my first thoughts were, November Project made noise, Calgary, made noise, all these humans that show up, that make this community real, were heard today.  I can’t say how grateful I am enough, life throws so many challenges and if I can lead by example in any way, to persevere, to take on challenges like adventures, to always move forward learning from the past, but not dwelling, to be strong, fierce, but have heart, be authentic,  and believe in what you do.  To live life with passion, love, and trust.  To believe in yourself, and to believe in humans.  I believe in you, I appreciate you, and I am honoured to be next to you.

A little thanks to those two ‘Bro’s’ that started something special, and let me be part of it.  I can say I’ve accomplished, so many goals, and this one, being part of something bigger than me, tops them. Cheers dudes!


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