Personal Bests and All the Rest……and this Blog has accidentally lived in “Draft” for daayyss :(

It was a somewhat muggy morning. The kind where you’re hoping the thickness in the air is just normal levels of humidity and not the smog wrapped in a strong north wind from Michigan……..thanks a lot, Michigan. No matter for NP YYZ though, the numbers were a record high and the tribe was showing their spirit in deeds not words. Two notables being Krizka and Derek; Krizka didn’t let a car accident a few days prior hold her back and pain, plus obvious discomfort, that is present after shoulder surgery caused late night insomnia for Derek, which led him to think, “Well, I’m not getting any needed rest anyway so I might as well go to NP.” Neither sat out at any time during the workout – thank you, troopers!

As is tradition, the first Wednesday of every month is the time to shoot for that Personal Best on the stairs. The Challenge? As many laps as you can do in 25min. There’s 110 stairs. Some people would sneer and think, “25min. That’s nothing!” Yet by the half way mark their faces paint a different picture. November Project is about testing yourself and committing to giving just a bit more each workout. You make the workout as hard as you will it to be. Length of time isn’t the only way to gauge how hard a workout is; it’s about the level of effort you have the guts to put in during the amount of time you’re given. It’s a challenge to know that if you really stand up to the test you’re going to ask your body to do a lot in what seems like a short period of time but isn’t if you reaaalllly go balls out. So, last month you did 17 laps? Today ask yourself for at least 18. Demand it. I dare you.

It was congested on the stairs. No two ways about it……. literally! cue ‘laugh’……don’t worry about it, I laughed for you 🙂 It is becoming readily apparent that our days at Casa Loma are coming to an end. Sam and I wouldn’t have done it differently though. It’s a very historic landmark in Toronto; as rich in its significance as it is in the view it offers of our pretty city. Namely, the direct view of the CN Tower. We never get enough of that sight. It is awe inspiring. Impressive for an immense pile of concrete that craftily won “tallest tower in the world” in a race against Dubai, I think. Winner by an antenna! Whatever a win is a win…….they got to build the tallest tower years later. This report may not be entirely true. I’m not sure if it was Dubai….but we won against whoever was trying to build the tallest tower at the time and so yipeee!……I digress.

Our busiest morning yet. Between welcoming the newbies in a style none of us will forget and managing tagging and yearbook photos in the same morning.

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