Waking up Isn’t Hard to do…

Waking up on Wednesday mornings isn’t hard to do, it’s every other day of the week that is (Hell, Cameron was so excited after missing last weeks workout that he forgot his work clothes and is now sitting at work sans pants… In the process also creating our next themed workout). Today, NPNOrealized why.

 Like the swallows to Capistrano and Frat guys to Bourbon St, the flock returned once more. We started our workout this morning and thought, you know what? This humidity isn’t oppressive enough yet, so lets extend our normal warm-up by kicking it up a notch (Bam!) and adding some extra time and distance to our running o’ the stairs… With hearts now pumping we split into groups to cycle through a multi-station workout. Five stations of fun were on tap as we flowed from one station to the next for our twenty minute time cap and amusement of our local Pot O’ Gold delivery driver.  

 When the tribe thought it was finally over, we challenged everyone to one last sprint-down and back. We offered a little encouragement- the first AND last person to finish the sprint would walk home with some new #grassrootsgear! Way to go Ty on finishing first and kicking some ass this morning on the sprint.

But, more importantly, a bigger congrats goes out to the tribe as a whole, and Cara, for waiting to cheer on Cara as she finished her sprint… Cara showed a true competitive spirit during the final sprint where she never stopped and never quit. As Kate joined her to run the last quarter of the sprint, surrounded by 70+ strangers/new best friends cheering them on as they marched to the finish, it truly made me realize what this movement is all about.

The tribe is supportive (especially Ma-Maw and Pa-Paw Benson who’s Blue Steel-esque gazes from on high served as a new inspiration for all)


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