“Wait, did everyone do three?” (BAL)

Sometimes, you just need to run: break away from the herd, pretend you’re outrunning a cheetah or a zombie of sorts, and just go – dodging pillars and bushes and twigs, ready to pick up speed at a moment’s notice. Wait….is it only me? Oh….interesting. Well, while I was racing through the Pride Lands escaping the wildebeest herd that trampled Simba’s father (RIP Mufasa), some sexy running legs took the stage for this week’s PR race.

The tribe recruited newbies (oh hai we love you) for PR day, and boy did they race. 3  or 6 laps- choice of the runner – to race their own inner clock, or our stop watch. Steve E. killed it with his 5min time for 3 laps! 4-legged Bailey and her human Michelle (recipient of the positivity award this week) dominated the loop all while being tethered to a rope. AND three tribes-members went above and beyond the call of duty: running 7 laps just for the hell of it. Sure, their quote in the title may demonstrate the confusion they had in that moment, but doesn’t make them any less a badass for it! But what made my heart go pitter-patter was to watch the tribe, without prompting, run alongside individuals not yet finished to encourage them and pace them throughout their last lap. Can I get an Amen for community?! Photos HERE.

Those calf-sculpted running legs weren’t done yet as the tribe dominated a team relay race with a lot of ab work in-between. Why push so hard? Yes we are #trainingforlife, of course. BUT in addition, #NP_BAL will be hosting its first free race THIS SATURDAY May 31st: #bmore_Bmore.

– Date: Saturday May 31st
– Time: 3PM @ Rash Field, Baltimore
– Route: Rash Field/Fed Hill to O’Donnell Square Park in Canton (4.5 miles)
– Price: FREE, always.
– Theme: #bmore_Bmore: show off your Baltimore spirit with Charm City swag!
– Why?: because you’re awesome and you want to build community with #NP_BAL and run a kick ass route and get a swag bag at the end. and a million more reasons!

All tribes, strangers, family members, and mammals are welcome! Anyone have a live raven?

all the hugs,

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