Thank You For Making Me Get Up, Boston

Folks I let you in on a little secret. Despite the common misconception I am not a morning person. I get out of the bed hating on my alarm, darkness, and most of the world for about 2 minutes. But then after remembering that I’m about to go and workout with some of the best humans in the world my attitude usually changes very quickly. Every now and then there is that ONE morning where I would love to stay bed and tell everyone that I’m done with this whole free fitness thing. There is that ONE morning where no matter what I try to get my ass in gear it’s just not working. This morning was one of those times.

Last night, after some delayed flights from sunny Southern California I rolled into cold and rainy Boston as most of you were setting your alarm clocks ready to go to bed. I tried to tell myself that I was #weatherproof and that rain is not going to bother me when I wake up in 5 hours, but subconsciously I knew that was just a massive pile of crap. When my alarm went on at 4:30am this morning I wanted to smash my phone against the wall SO BAD! I wanted to sleep in for another 5 hours. I wanted it to be Thursday morning. I wanted so many things that weren’t about to happen so I just got up and went to the bathroom.

Once I walked out of my apartment my situation didn’t improve. I was cold, wet, and grumpy and the last thing I wanted to do was run stairs.

But then I got to stadium. I saw a solid turnout of the 5:30AM squad (despite the shitty weather), and my mood started to improve. After the warmup bounce and few heartfelt “Fuck Yeahs” my adrenaline started to kick in. As soon as the first wave of the early group went up the big ones and down the small ones, I was back!


After every workout, BG and I get approached by countless people thanking us for getting them out of bed and putting their butts to work. Today from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you all! If it wasn’t for you, I’d be sleeping in until noon, wouldn’t get my workout in, and would self-loathe for being a lazy fuck. I also want to thank our baby sitters Erica and Joey, and photographer Scott for making our absence from last couple of workouts completely unnoticeable. Big thanks to folks from other #NP17 tribes that came to experience the stadium magic first hand. And finally I want to thank our paint squad that helped out with the gear tagging this morning.

I love you all and thanks for keeping me in shape! #TribeIsStrong

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