Visitors From Across The World (NYC)

We have now had our share of visitors.  People coming from all across, near and far to come to our workouts.  Boston, Arizona, Canada, Philadelphia, DC, Brooklyn.  Everywhere, people come to see what the November Project is doing in New York City.  And we show them through our COMMUNITY.

The workout was super hyped.  People were running every direction.  Over the hills, through the I Love You tree, and into your favorite.  My Favorite.  Burpees.  Just burpees for days.  Some people came and strutted their stuff for us from the gun.  Our friends, Andy and his team were out there, getting up early to make it from the workout from Brooklyn.  Tina and Erin were here all the way from Canada. And more.  AND MORE.  .  When you think about November Project, do you think of smiles, hugs, high fives, and LOVE? Well, when we think about November Project that is what is going through our heads.  Then we almost forget that we have to plan a workout for you crazy people.  This guy even came by


On a side note: we had around 65 people there today.  Unbelievable getting another record amount.  But NYC, we need more.  You need more.  Next week, 76 people.  #SummerFridays are coming, we just need your support.  Don’t care who you bring.  Don’t care what “shape” they are in.  Don’t care about how fast they are.  The love that everyone has felt coming to the workouts, feeling the hugs, giving the vibes, we want to spread that around this AMAZING city.  So get out there and recruit 3 NEW PEOPLE  for next Wednesday.  3. THREE. TRES.  TROIS.  TRI.  This is all for you NYC.  Tell them to get their ass out bed and JUST SHOW UP.  No excuses, VIBE like a champion.

Leanne you know.  You know.  The tribe knows.  You earned, you deserved this.


For those of you that missed out last Friday, We missed you.  We had a great time.  More of that is coming soon.



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