(virtual)Sunrise 6k and the next best thing (Ottawa)

The name of the blog says it all (virtual)sunrise 6k. It’s pretty much exactly as it sounds minus the fact that there is no in person cheering, no racing up the stairs towards Parliament Hill and nor is there a weird hat or pair of sunglasses given out. However, what there is connection and not only here in Ottawa. When you hear about cities like Brooklyn and Baltimore hosting virtual sunrise 6k’s as well, you feel that much closer to a city that you maybe have yet to even visit. So, if there wasn’t funny glasses, a high five tunnel or added stencil onto your shirt did it even happen? Well yes, we gave you a set of parameters that included running alone, any time of the day between Monday to Friday and sharing how you felt during your run. When reading this list you can’t help but smile. 

Without further ado here’s what we heard from you:

Awesome. Sunny and quiet river paths were peaceful!

Was a lovely SUNSET 6k this time round 🙂 Great run knowing we are all in this together!

It was super motivating… Tried to really push myself as if it was a race! One of my fastest times lately and my fastest go at this particular route!

Longest run in a long time, foot is holding up pretty well

Running is so much work!! at least the trees kept me company!

Felt so nice to be out for the sunrise this morning at the experimental farm. I was thinking about all of you. And also feeling a little bit pregnant this morning.

Missed seeing cutouts of Liz and Lauren’s faces at the turn around point! Lovely morning for a run and looking forward to a time when we can do it all together.

I was grateful to outside and exercising on a beautiful morning, able to watch the sunrise and enjoy some quality time wtih my wife!

Change of scenery, went for a run from work with some Zephyr resistance, as always.

My body was definitely sore but I was beyond grateful to be able to be outside and move. It was snowing a little bit at the beginning of this run and reminded me about our snowy-very cold winter days especially the days at the Supreme Court when we all huddle together closely at the beginning for the bounce. Memories like these make me very VERY excited for the bright days ahead. YAY

Sunrise Sunset – It was nice to be outdoors!

Really motivated to get this done with everyone!! Helped me escape my computer, and was a ton of fun: broke the run into 2x3km at a spicy pace, with a little walk break in between to visualize some NP high-fives 🙂

If that doesn’t make the hairs on your arms raise up, or create that warm, fuzzy glow-like feeling inside of you, you should probably read it again. And if you missed it someone announced a major life changing, loving, pooping and eating, adventure to come!

We’re not alone, we’re in this together. One day at a time and then just like that it’s the end of the beginning. November Project as a collective whole is bringing all 52 cities together, a fairy godmother couldn’t even imagine doing this but we could and we can! Next week join us(from your home, apartment, backyard). The instructions are shared on this blog right here  The Best of Sunrise 6K so take a read.  We have another #sunrise6k coming our way! 

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


  1. Next week, April 29th: The Best of Sunrise 6K 
  2. Stay tuned on Thursday we’re dropping news of a hot social coming your way: Talent Show and Tell 
  3. Read another city’s blog.  
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