Vibes (YEG)

Sometimes, no matter who is there, the feeling of a workout just clicks. To me the workout today was about being happy that we were there together. We all chose to get up and put the work in. We could have done it later in the day, we could have done it on our own, but no we chose to do this together. This thinking is tried-and-true but what was different today was a feeling of a little swagger. Everyone there, new or not, knew that we were there to get the job done. We are weatherproof, we are of any age, we are of any fitness level, we are November Project, we are Edmonton. The best of what it means have fitness in our lives. Without the need to pay or be shamed we have the drive and swagger to put in the work. I am proud of today and I am proud of you who chose to show up. I hope you are proud of yourself too because you did it and you will continue to.

Eric and I have been invited on Saturday to give a live interview with Global news to talk about NP and this is as the global community celebrates its name sake with 12 years of spreading community through fitness. If you have the time tune in at 740am

Keep being awesome,



Friday – Walterdale hill

Sat @ 740am Live interview with Global

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