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So! There’s been some talk about if and when November Project Ottawa going to take the plunge and add in another day? We wanted to take some time to address and share with you where we are at:

As most of you know, we value community and connection, inclusiveness, accountability and positivity as our top priorities, no matter what. We seek to create a culture where anyone who joins us in a morning at NP will experience this.

We try to create a space that whether you are a weekly regular, need to prioritize sleep over stairs, need some much needed rest and recovery, need to avoid icy roads because it’s the safer choice, need to respond to injuries that require time off, need to prioritize family commitments that require greater attention, whatever the reason, whenever the reason, one thing will never change: you are always welcome. We aim to create a space that when you are ready to come back, whether it’s been a day, week, month, or year, you will be welcomed with open arms. All you need to do is #justshowup.

These are our values, and each member of the community contributes to the NP Ottawa ever-evolving culture. With the exciting announcement of the future partnerships with November Project, it will continue to push NP on a global level. We continue to dissect how things are going in Ottawa; on ways to improve, how to open and grow our community, with always keeping in mind the quality of what we can put together week in and week out, consistently, throughout the entire year, even with all its unpredictable weather patterns.

And because of all this, we are continuously evaluating whether it makes sense to add another day to the mix. At this time, we feel that putting our ALL into Wednesdays is the best thing for NP Ottawa.

We are both always learning, tuning in to what other cities are doing, what is working and what is not. We truly appreciate your patience and support when we try something new that flops, or something that’s just ends up being too weird (making people wonder what in the heck we were thinking). We feel safe in our community trying new things because we trust not only your openness, but your commitment. We appreciate that you support an odd bounce, that you go with the flow, that you all put smiles on your faces even when you know how hard it feels to lunge that entire length of PH. We do this because we know you can. We believe your abilities, effort and most importantly, we believe in YOU. We are never looking for perfection, top speed or PR’s every day you show up. We look for effort, that you are pushing yourself, and others beside you. We look for your energy and your attitude because this is what makes up the culture of this community. We look for all these things because we know that at the end of the day, this is why you show up.

What you can expect from us is our effort; in planning, in our consistency, in knowing where to show up, what time to show up, that we will briefly explain the workout and work for 30 minutes.  We will stop the clock at 7am for some birthday booms, quick announcements, group photo, hugs and goodbyes. You can expect that we will welcome every new person who shows up because it’s critical they feel their presence matters. We are not perfect, but we work at this every week. You should expect that we have put something together that we have confidence will make you a little stronger, a little tougher, and will make you sweat before you head onto the rest of your day. You can expect that we will give our best because we care about this community and the people who help contribute to creating it, every single week.

We feel honoured to share bounces, sunrises, stairs and coffee with all of you week after week.  Knowing that next Wednesday is only 6 sleeps away gives us even more of a yearning for it to come quicker.  

So here’s to bringing soles together, 

Lauren and Liz 


1. Next Wednesday we celebrate turning the BIG 2. Lululemon will be there, surprises and treats await you so bring two friends to the birthday party.   Come dressed to paaaaaaaaarty, whatever that may look like for you #nobirthdaysuits 

2. Imagine an invention to keep the sweat out of your eyes as you move up the stairs. No not goggles… but we think a nice #NPBuff might do the trick $5.

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  1. So perfectly said! Love every word!!! And I’m all for keeping it to just One Day where we give it OUR ALL!!! Thank you 🙏 Liz and Lauren for leading NP Ottawa!!! U do an awesome job!!!

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