Ultimate Guide to #Cheerganging (NPSF)

The November Project Winter Tour Guide is out, and it seems that San Francisco is proving to be all the rage for visitors from the great white North, Mid-East and Further East with no less that 20 traverbalers turning up to Moraga steps from far-flung tribe locations. Our visitors from Edmonton, Boston and Milwaukee soon got into the NPSF vibe though, and quickly joined the ranks of Instagang with periodic stopping mid-gnarly stair workout. To take a breather you ask? No, no, no. But to get that 100+ like Instagram scenic backdrop photo that we all crave so much. (SIDENOTE: these traverballers actually crushed this set of 300+ steps with us. Not quite the correct taper approach but FUCK YEAH nonetheless).


This Sunday, Nike have asked us to step up once again. They want us as their Purveyors of Positivity, the Contributors of Cheer, the Furnishers of Funk. We are taking over the cheer gang at the toughest section of this year’s Nike Women’s Half Marathon, and we’re going to dance, high five, hop, skip and jump ourselves and everyone of the 20000+ racers up the vert-tastic Lincoln Blvd hill at mile 10. You have two options to join us the #cheergang. Check out our Facebook event for more details. And big ups to our cheergang master, Holly, for helping us out with this!

A) Meet at 6:25AM if you want to run a 5K distance from Nike (2071 Union St.) to the cheer hill with Shannon Rowbury and the Nike crew!

B) Meet us at 7:00 AM at the cheer location (just past the mile 10 marker) on the Lincoln Blvd hills/right by the Sand Ladder/right in this pin that was not prepared by Laura (this one –> meeting spot pin).

What you need to do before then. Rest your voices. Pack your high fiving hand.  And read Paddy’s 5 steps to successful cheerganging:

1) Everyone loves a good high five. But always give them a variety of high-fiving options…

high fivedog

2) Never forget where you came from…


3) Always recognise the opportunity to workout…


4) Give the runners something to shoot for at the top of the hill…


5) If in doubt, JUST DANCE!


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