Tuck Jumps…the worst ever?

Great kick off to the week with 30, one minute exercises brought to you by Jen! (Except for Step Forwards…Nadim owns those)

I got to thinking today, which is always an interesting development…  I introduced Tuck Jumps as the worst thing ever to do for one-minute.  I lied, there are worse:

-eating anything with mustard for a minute

-listening to a three year old’s tantrum for a minute in the aisle of Costco

-a minute on hold with Air Canada waiting to find out why they hate you so much

-a minute of drawing a blank when your family is counting on you for those last questions in Family Feud

-that awkward minute of the song when November Rain goes from slow to fast and you don’t know how to transition with your crush at the junior high dance

-the minute after you discover that Tequila really does “kick in” and that you aren’t some kind of superhero that can do 7 shots of it without consequence

These are all things that are worse than a minute of Tuck Jumps.  What say you?

See you at Commonwealth on Wednesday. Stairs. Boom.

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