Top 10 (Ottawa)

A morning where we shared the sunrise, met a new person or two, hit a tough workout on the stairs, and headed off to take on the day. Almost immediately following the workout, it down-poured with rain. I mean, we are weather-proof, but it’s almost like we captured the sun before it went away for a while, like a gift for setting those alarms nice and early.

Top 10 from this morning:

  1. Sunglasses theme- 51 cities strong
  2. A bounce with dozens of people at 6:29am
  3. Sirens going off to push up- from parallel, incline or decline- you choose your challenge, we are just glad you are here
  4. The beautiful sunrise seen perfectly from TD place
  5. Kids took on the mini set of stairs and high fives were handed out like hotcakes
  6. Post workout birthday boom
  7. The crew made it HAPPEN to take the group photo- 2 people, every other stairs. We’re figuring it out.
  8. The return of first timers, seeing people we haven’t seen in a while and seeing people we we get to see every week. You all add something to this group that makes every Wednesday unique, special and makes this community what it is.
  9. Visitors from out of town coming to the stadium for the first time
  10. Smiles, hugs, high fives.

This is a great city, each one of you making it better by spreading positivity. Thank you for sharing your morning with us. Here’s to bringing “soles” together,

Liz and Lauren


  1. Labour Day workout- September 2nd at 6:29am at Flora Bridge. Bring a backpack for this back to school workout.
  2. PR day next week in the stadium
  3. Read a blog from another city
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