Thunderstruck (ORL)

Hurricane Michael was knocking on Florida’s door this Wednesday morning. It brought some serious devastation to some areas in the Sunshine State, but brought just a welcomed breeze to our weekly workout in Orlando.

Luckily, our tribe was ready to bring the devastation to this weeks burpees, squat jumps and kick-sits. We started the day with an extra long, extra exhilarating bounce provided by #angelface 🤨. After a brief conversation about the name of our warm up, we moved right into ‘indigenous people sprints’, where we grouped up and ran in single file lines, with the person at the end sprinting to become the leader. A nice, medium PR Day loop and we were eager to move into the days workout.

Three’s were great company as we divided into groups of 3, and rotated between 3 station of 3 exercises each, where the threesomes were to cumulatively complete 100 of each exercise per station. I was totally impressed with how many times the groups made it through the stations! There was excellent teamwork being demonstrated, as the groups were all putting in extra effort to complete every single push-up, reverse lunge and mountain climber they were faced with.

In weather related burnout style, we presented them with a new one; easy high knees, squats, and burpees to the timeless classic, ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC⚡️DC.  A final round of hugs, high fives and ‘great jobs!’ were going around as we tried to corral the cats by the lake for announcements. We’ve got some fun events coming up, that I know some of you talkative tribe members missed in those announcements, so pay attention to our reminders and Facebook social page for all of the bonus workouts and fun to come!

Thanks for showing up every week and being supportive of this movement, and especially of one another. Until next week….



  • October HW: Jumping Jack O’Lanterns! How many? Get your daily dose in by performing the date +50 in jumping jacks and posting your results (photo or time lapse video) up on our social group at this link!
  • Next week is our Sunrise 6k race! We will post the exact course before the workout, so lace up and come ready to race on Wednesday morning to get a fresh new tag. And bring a blank shirt if you want the November Project logo and our orange side tag on that fresh #grassrootsgear.
  • We will be doing a #byoPUMPKIN workout on Halloween. So bring a pumpkin (that’s bigger than your head, please!) to the workout on the 31st for some sweet-n-spooky fun. Costumes encouraged!
  • Save the date for our CHAARG fitness event on Tuesday November 6, at 7pm on the UCF campus. This is the day to rally all your friends who just can’t seem to get out to Baldwin Park for our regular Wednesdays in support of an awesome organization. RECRUIT and show everyone what we’re about! You can learn more about CHAARG here.
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