This One’s For You, City Beautiful (IND)

It’s wonderful to live in a country that has grown to tolerate and accept and even embrace and celebrate varying beliefs, perspectives, and lifestyles.  When someone threatens our position backing individual liberties, we respond with sentiments of strength through unity.  Somewhat ironically, we set aside differences to honor differences.  Attacks on these views may be audacious, but when we’re assailed, we as a nation stand strong, tenacious, courageous.  NP_Indy (and Indy weather ^) made that position clear this morning with a bounce lending a shout-out to Orlando; stay strong, City Beautiful.  Check it out here:



We took on a variation of some up and overs by taking the north to south stairs route to do some lunges across the span of the south side of the Memorial capped off by fifteen partner high-five situps.  The Tribe then ran back up and over towards The North to give House Bolton the what-fer via some long jumps across the span of the planters, which we then did fifteen triceps dips on; repeat. [By the way, if we just touch the gold door each time going up rather than hold the door, do we say “TODOR”?]


[showing O-town some love; the city, not the group]



  • Don’t forget to get in on that Run(317) action in Broad Ripple tomorrow!  If you’re already racing, Shaw is getting NP folks together for a pre-race pic, maybe more.
  • We had TONS of newbies this morning; keep up the great work channeling your inner Tom Hales (aka the Brute in Pursuit of Recruit…s; he’s not brutish at all tho, so who the hell coined such a less than fitting nickname; that’ll never stick).
  • Jaden got the “Helping Hand” award today; it looks a bit creepy but represents the Tribe’s appreciation for the incredibly helpful work of a dedicated volunteer.  Thanks, Jaden.
  • NP Laura [the behind the scenes hands, eyes, ears, …nose, and throat(?) of NP worldwide who ‘doctors’ up the organization] is getting all up in our workout next week.  Be sure to show up and thoroughly hug her a few times.
  • NP yearbook photos are happening June 29th.  It’s an annual tradition.  Theme to come.


Have an awesome week!


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