#WomenofNP by Julia Griffith (DEN)

I will use my voice to stand up for my community.

That’s a pledge that I made and it wasn’t just some fun filter I selected to put on a photo of myself and get a lot of likes on Instagram. I really thought about it and what it means to stand up for my community. I’ve always been more of a behind-the-scenes type of person. I like to come up with good ideas and then  watch someone execute them. But when Kaelan of NP DC posted about an all-women workout in conjunction with the United State of Women Summit and I saw that other tribes were joining in too, I decided to stand up for my community because it means a fucking lot to me.

In light of the tragedy in Orlando and with the sadness and injustice and hatred that exists more than even seems possible, we need people to lean on. We need a tribe. I’m proud that mine is made up of a wide variety of people, but particularly the women that were there (or there in spirit.. Molly, Pace, Adrienne, Elizabeth, Jess etc) this morning.

There have been countless instances when I’ve been amazed by the ladies in this group. From Robyn organizing to raise over $2,000 to show Morgan how much we appreciate her and everyone giving so generously; from Sam posting on the NP Social page last night that she was going to the candlelight vigil in Cheesman and could use someone to go with and multiple people responding that they were going too; and from Isabel who spends her summers away from Harvard Law at NP Denver and when she’s not here, she’s still all of our biggest fans. Christine hugs everyone warmly like she’s their sister, Alli Bell shows up even after having major surgery on her knee keeping her from doing the full workout, Elspeth and Teresa recruit their friends from work, Nina walks up to the group chanting and yelling “I love women!” I am so proud to be part of this community and to stand up for and with these ladies.

Thank you so much to everyone who showed up this morning! I am pretty much obsessed with all of you. And to anyone who was new this morning – you rock! We hope to see you again.

Check out the United State of Women happenings here: http://www.theunitedstateofwomen.org/
Make a pledge here: http://www.theunitedstateofwomen.org/pledge-generator/
Do good everywhere.
#stateofwomen #WomenofNP

TONIGHT: Ladies ice cream night at 7:00pm at Sweet Cow on 32nd organized by Laura!
TOMORROW: Civic Center Amphitheater at 5:30a and 6:15a. You know the drill. Guys are allowed.

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