This is the Greatest and Best Workout in the World… Tribute.

Fun facts about this morning:

  • It was dope.
  • Dana and I clearly can’t contain the Tribe
  • The bounce (and blog) this morning just so happens to be one of my go-to karaoke songs*
  • Yes, that’s Jack Black. Also the devil in ^ that video was Dave Grohl

But now, onto the story of this morning’s workout…


A long time ago me and my brother Capoz here.

We was hitchiking down.

A long, lonesome road.

When all of a sudden.

There shined a shiny demon. In the middle. Of the road.


Create your best, workout in the world. Or I’ll eat your SOUL.


Well me and Capoz? We looked at each other. And we each said!?




And we started doing the first things that came to our heads. Just so happened to be–the best workout in the world. Yeah, the best workout in the world.

Read these lines, and it’s easy to see Chris and Chris make two, EmC^2 makes three.

It was destiny.

Once every hundred thousand years or so,

where the sun doth shine

and the moon doth glow

and the grass doth grow.

But the peculiar thing is this, my friends, the workout we created on that faithful night, it wasn’t actually anything like this morning!

This was just a tribute.

You gotta believe me, and I wish you were there.

It’s just a matter of opinion.


The events described above actually did happen, but instead of it being the middle of the night, it was the middle of a sunny day in the Summer of 2015–and instead of a demon, it was Bojan. He was definitely shiny, but that’s besides the point. He had brought Capozzi and I down the the esplanade to do what I can only describe as some co-leader “training.” We had 5 minutes to plan a workout in an attempt to prepare us for the ol’ you-showed-up-to-a-destination-and-the-thing-you’d-planned-isn’t-possible-due-to-<insert one of the following: construction, police, unsafe conditions, etc>. It was super fun and a little stressful. In just a few days we’d be doing this for real. The workout we came up with was nothing like this morning, but I often think back to those moments where it all started getting real and think about how many workouts we’ve designed since. Some might say we’ve learned a thing or two about maintaining a mob, some might say the chaos has only gotten worse. Either way we have way too much fun doing it, and as always, I’m glad you’re here.

Much Love,
– C. Payne

*Pretty sure there’s video evidence of a duet from Summit 5.0 with Eugene Kim.

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