This is the dark season (Ottawa)

You hear a lot of talk nowadays in the months of November and December, weather getting colder and days getting shorter. This is what we call the dark season. You sometimes feel like you’re heading out on your day in the dark and coming home in the dark, you can hermit inside to avoid the cold and stay in your cozy blankets inside. It’s easy for the first thing to come out of our mouth to be “I’m SO cold”. The reality of living in this beautiful, safe and friendly country is that we have some cold winters, and the sun comes out for a shorter duration. But it also is a country that comes with four beautiful seasons, including winter. If we hide out all winter, it’s a long 4-5 months of being a hermit.

Some people will tell you how much they LOVE the winter- the activities, the snow, the bright brisk days, the cozy fire places. But that’s not everyone. And both are okay. What I do think is that we do need to actually be intentional about what we do on a weekly basis so that we don’t end up stepping outside the door just to shiver our way to our vehicles to make it in to work, and hermit the rest of the time. I think it’s easy to do that and end up feeling like it’s a cold, dark and lonely winter.

We have this biased opinion that November Project makes the winter better, makes our week better and makes the dark season actually really great. If we have even one thing every week where we make that intentional decision to just show up to one outdoor activity, to bring a friend with us, to rely on one another to show up for each other, we really are making an effort to make the most of the winter season.

It may be that one day in the week where we can move and stay warm enough to stay outside for longer than 5 minutes. It may be the one time where we feel we can really take anything on (it does give you perspective that when you can run around and do push ups in -35, you can pretty much do anything). It may be the one time we roll around in the snow, face the elements head on and feel absolutely badass to be working out when it feels like the world is sleeping.

This morning was actually pretty mild, but isn’t kinda crazy that some simple deck of cards workout, on the Supreme Court lawn, and burpees just keeps on showing up in like the deck was rigged, and you just. keep. moving. You put a smile on your face anyway, it makes others smile and you smile more than a regular mid-week Wednesday morning otherwise. We are glad you’re here.

It’s the dark season, but it’s the coolest time to be part of something great.


  1. NEXT WEEK: Supreme Court
  2. Dec.25- Christmas Day street hockey game!!!! tell your friends- 6:29am start time, bring all the snacks and yummy things to share. Even if you don’t play hockey, running around with a stick will be cool too.
  3. What are the overall feelings about the standing and sitting arrange for the group photo?

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One Reply to “This is the dark season (Ottawa)”

  1. I find it interesting half of us chose to stand and half sat, without actively discussing it and then, when we realized we were out of sync, we were all willing to accommodate. We’re individuals who follow our friends but are up to find a wider common solution.

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