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So many things are a-happening in the NP world these days. We have every intention of hyping them all to you at the workouts. And then we get distracted. And realize you don’t remember half of what we say anyway. Which is probably smart. So instead, we are doing this to condense the 3 BIG announcements into one blog post. BOOM. Efficiency.

1. YEARBOOK PHOTOS and the quest for #3014: 

  • We know this is redundant, but don’t forget how important next week is! Our real-life-professional photographer is psyched to be taking photos of all your pretty faces in white or neon to compile a beautiful album of everyone that is NPSD.
  • This is also our big push to break 150 people at 1 workout here in San Diego. If we do, the #tattooverbal will be fulfilled.
  • We need your help! RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT! Please RSVP to this event, pass it along to all your friends and recruits, and just show up at 6AM on Wednesday 11/5.


  • We spoke about this a while ago, but its officially up and running now! Please go to this link to sign yourself up ASAP!
  • Why is this important? Here you can record your PR times for both Monday and Wednesday PR workouts, you can verbal for workouts, you can look back to see your progress over time, and we can use the tracking function to see who is coming and how often for future contests/etc.
  • There is a waiver button you will have to click. This is necessary. As the movement grows, our asses need to be protected in case you bust your ass playing Zombies and Humans. Please let us know if you have any questions, but hopefully that makes sense.

3. WORLD TAKEOVER is real. And it is happening now.

  • A BIG announcement happened in BOS yesterday. You can watch it here: World Takeover.
  • These changes are epic. And they are necessary to keep this crazy, #freefitness movement growing.
  • We are excited. And we hope you are too. Don’t forget to welcome BG to his new home base, right here in San Diego.


The moral of this story is this: we love you guys. Without you, none of this would happen. We are pumped to keep moving onward and upward, taking over the world, and changing lives, one at a time. Each and every one of you plays an important role in that.

Be happy. Be bright. Be strong.

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