Thirty Somethings (YEG)

Great job on the stairs this morning! When Nadim was giving the instructions and said “do thirty somethings” it took me a second to figure out what he was talking about. Maybe it was because it was 6AM or because I was still pondering the banter we were engaged in about who St. Patrick was or because our backpack guests were feeling super awkward staring out at the bounce mob. Regardless of what it was, I did eventually realize he was talking about the exercises you were to do at the top of the stairs. It got me thinking…What’s your “thirty somethings” formula?

When given the choice, how do you do your thirty somethings?

  • Do you follow our original format and do 10 situps-10pushups-10burpees?
  • Do you go against the grain and pick three different exercises?
  • Do you rebel and pick different exercises each time you get to the top?
  • Do you go even further and instead of doing 10 of each you do 7 of one, 5 of another and then a dozen of the third?
  • Maybe you don’t pick 3 exercises…maybe you choose 4 or 5…mind blown!!

Next time you get to choose your thirty somethings, I challenge you to mix it up. Mix it up so much that someone watching you can’t tell what your formula is. You’ll get a couple weeks plan your strategy and come up with a formula because next week is the last Wednesday of the month meaning it’s 28:19 RACE DAY! No exercises, straight stair circuits and constable high 5 loops for 28 minutes and 19 seconds! Who will go home with Abe’s hat and t-shirt?

But before then…#justshowup

Friday – Walterdale Hill 6AM

Monday – TBA

Until next time…SMILE! J

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