Thirty Dirty Christmas Trees (SD)

We’ve really been feeling winter HARD here in San Diego. Today we had tribe members showing up in full down jackets, we had frozen hands doing push-ups, and yes we still had Christmas trees.

For our last Monday at our old stomping ground of Kate Sessions Park, we dug through the archives and brought back some fan favorites: the Dirty Thirty and taking photos with Christmas trees.

See January 2015’s evidence below:













We split into 3 teams: Team Scissor Me Timbers, Team Ouch/Sweatpants, and Team Barnacle, there were three stations at the bottom of the hill, you did 30 reps of each exercise then sprinted up the hill trying to avoid getting tagged, and repeated for 30 minutes. Then you had a plank crawl race (which Team Scissor Me Timbers won, although I’m pretty sure Ashleigh taught them how to cheat somehow). And then we went throwback style and gave a months old Christmas tree as a “We’re Happy You Came Today” award, a new superbaby of NP was given a cape, and we took a photo. And then we went home.

It was grand.

Winter has been rough, but you all make it brighter every day.



– Next month’s Monday location is… MOTORBOAT POND (actually called Model Yacht Pond, but that’s so boring). We will be here every Monday in February. And yes, we tag #grassrootsgear next Monday.

– Wednesday locations stay the same as always. Balboa Park by the Natural History Museum/Science Center.

– Tuesday, February 2nd, #TimedMileChallenge part 2 goes down at Point Loma Nazarene University track, 6:15AM SHARP. How much faster have you gotten this month?

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