There is No Bad Weather… (SD)

… only bad gear.

BOOM. Truth. This phrase was spoken to me this morning by a newbie. A first timer that showed up despite the wet stuff falling from the sky.

Because here’s the deal: when you attend a November Project workout (whether it’s your first or your 200th) you become part of something bigger than yourself, bigger than your group of friends, bigger than even your city. You become part of a 30 city, multi-thousand person tribe. When you show up to a November Project workout you show up to make the world a better place, to make your community closer and more friendly, and to make yourself healthier and happier. Just showing up is all that it takes. And you can just show up once, maybe only when you’ve gotten 8 solid hours of sleep, when the workout is convenient to your house, when you know it’s not a PR day (cause man you hate PR days), or when the weather is 70 and sunny and perfect. Sure, you can just do that. But then you’re kind of missing part of the magic. The magic that happens when people just show up for each other (and for themselves) when everything isn’t perfect. When they’re tired, sore, or cold. When their days or weeks aren’t going so great. There’s unbelievable magic that happens when people come together not only during the good times, but also during the tougher times.

And let’s be honest – rain is San Diego DOES NOT equate a tough time in life.

And to be even more honest – the rain always stops at 6:29AM. And today was no exception. Yeah, you heard that right. It didn’t even rain during the workout.

So make a pledge – to yourself, to your friends/family, to your community, and to your tribe. Commit to just showing up, even when it isn’t perfect. Commit to just showing up when it is, knowing that it might not be for someone else and that you showing up can help them. Commit to spreading the accountability, consistency, positivity, and love.


– Thank you guys for being courteous of the security, staff, other park enjoyers every week. We love our city and we respect the beauty, art, and landscape. We feel lucky to have such a great place to meet weekly, so let’s keep that at top of mind. Water bottles, sweatshirts, iPhones, etc – they can all go in your car. Bring only what you can keep on your person. 

– #NPYoga – Friday 4/8, 6:30AM, Milestone Running, FREE, space is limited. Sign up here

– Friday Flashmob – Friday 4/8, 12:20PM, Downtown. Link and event info here

– Mondays for April are at Crown Point Park. This Monday we meet here. This is the intersection of Crown Point Dr. and Ingraham St. Meet under the bridge. Park on the streets nearby or at motorboat pond and run the 1/2 mile over the bridge. 

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