Hump Day. Race Day. Let’s Play!

Race Day doesn’t get easier; you just get better at it.  But, if it were easy, it wouldn’t be worth waking up so early in the morning to crush that shit, would it?  A few newbies and a few new(er) members got to experience race day for the first time and prove to the world what badasses they are.  As if that was ever a question.

A few of my observations/learnings from today:

  • I think we might have the hardest race day of all the tribes. This shit is legit.
  • Even though the high temp for the day is set at 70 degrees…it can still be cold AF at 5:28am. A 35 degree delta is very possible, so I should start noting that when I get my kit on.  Apparently warmth is directly related to the sun, good thing we woke that sun of bitch up this morning.
  • Speaking of 5:28am, the early group is BRINGING IT.  Outdrawing the 6:15ers for another week.  Sorry Colleen.
  • Form follows function (which is directly related to my next note)
  • “Nobody has ever rapped about a small booty” – Bobbie Werbe quoting Abe Lincoln.
    • (Editor’s Note) While this may be true…I’m guessing John Mayer has written a ballad or two about one.

Numbers are growing and my tattoo verbal seems to be getting realer by the week. Still quite far off of our goal of 150 in one day…but it’s getting warmer and that always brings out the smiling faces!


(Newbie finishing race day with a smile on her face!!)

Track your times HERE.   Remember, largest negative split from the previous week will win the coveted race day cape (side note – has this ever been washed?).  And, even more importantly, you can see how much you are improving over the months.  As if your milky hamstrings and stone sculpted glutes weren’t enough proof.

Next Wednesday – SOUTH STAIRS.  Have a great week!

  • Inkless Shaw
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