The Year of El Nino (SD)

So, our resident meteorologist (Stefanie) tells me that we should be expecting El Nino this winter in San Diego. What does that mean? It means babies falling from the sky. Right? Oh, no. Ok. I hear it means rain falling from the sky. Lots of rain.

Well today was apparently the beginning of that, and if today was any indication the rain ain’t no thang. I think it sprinkled approximately 10 times while we were playing tag and that was it.

And yes, you read that correctly. Today we played tag. We ran, below the belt hugged, shared our goals and resolutions, played rock paper scissors, crawled and growled like bears, and yes, played freeze tag. And I guarantee it was a better workout than 99% of your “New Year New You” resolution setting friends will get when they go to the gym by themselves (but with 4000 other people) after work today.

I have a hypothesis. I think that people that come to NP as part of a goal or resolution to get fit, make more friends, and have more fun are FAR more likely to stick with it than people who buy a gym membership because they want to lose weight.

So do your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers a favor. If you know that they are looking to make changes this year and to better themselves, bring them to November Project – don’t buy them a gym membership.

Be happy, be strong, be bright, bring on 2016 San Diego!


  • #MayhemMondays in January are all at Kate Sessions Park! All month, you know where to go.
  • #themilechallenge is still on. If you missed Thursday’s timed mile at the track, run a mile this week to get your baseline. Then use the next month to get fast. We re-test the mile on February 2nd. Reminder that Point Loma Nazarene University’s track is always open to the public and a group will be meeting there to do speed work every Tuesday morning at 6:45AM.
  • We will do a #grassrootsgear makeup painting day next Monday at the park because of the rain today. Bring one shirt, one shirt only. 
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