The Three Wise Men (NPSF)

The three wise men come to the Fort this morning bearing gifts from their respective cities. Wait are you talking about Jorge, Josh and Gil? Fuck no. Jorge hasn’t been seen at a workout since Gretchen bought him a copy of Betty Crocker’s Annual Bakebook. No, we had a visitor from NYC, a new resident who just moved from Boston, and an image of a young Jorge Moreno visiting from our brothers and sisters in sunny San Diego. And the gifts they bore??? Humidity. Heat. Hugs. Traverballers, we’ll gladly take the hugs like it’s our business…. but that humidity and heat? This is a San Francisco summer and we’re perfectly fine with our #weatherspoof mild summers with a touch of Karl the Fog. Please tell Paul Leak, we appreciate the gesture but he can keep these sweltering conditions to himself. Regardless, the Tribe ploughed on through a power half hour workout with a mix of duck-duck-goose and leap frog relays.


Some big events coming in the next few weeks that you would stone mad to miss out on. FOMO is real!!!!

  • Sunday, July 26th: SF Marathon and half marathon. We’ll be getting up to our usual antics causing a ruckus on the course with the loudest cheergang. Follow our Facebook page and soon-to-be-typed event page for locations, times and themes!
  • Thursday, August 6th: SAVE THE DATE for one of the wackiest NP evening events SF has very seen. More details to come in the next few weeks. It will involve tattoos, racing, sharpies, city streets and toilet paper. You don’t need to be McGyver to put together a unbelievable party from that assortment of stuff!
  • Saturday, September 26th: NP SUMMIT, Park City, UT. Come join marathon relay teams from all across the #HumpBeat21. Find a team to join in our Google Doc. Register here using our discount code: NP25UT
  • Saturday, December 5th: Once again, we’re going to try take over the final North Face Endurance Challenge Series event in the Golden Gate Rec Area, Marin. We want to see the Tribe out racing everything from the Marathon Relay (reigning champions.. ahem!!) to the 50K and 50 miler events. Here is the discount code for you to use: NP15CA


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