The Old 96er/The Gristle

What is this? The hardest challenge in all of November Project.

The Old 96er:

59mins to complete the entire lower and upper deck of Commonwealth Stadium

If you finish it all in 59mins you get a special 96er tag on your shirt and GLORY!!

The Gristle:

To challenge our community even further a second option is available. 59mins to complete two tours of the entire upper deck of Commonwealth Stadium.

If you finish it all in 59mins you get a special Gristle tag on your shirt and become a legend.

Who can do this?:

NP isn’t really about a competition or highlighting the fastest person, we truly value the effort of an Old 96er finisher just as much as a half lower bowl finisher, effort is the only thing we care about. But as the Old 96er has evolved and more members have earned their tag, it has become my favourite day because it is hard as hell and I am convinced that it can be done by most every member. You might scoff at this and think there is no way that you can do it because you hardly made it to the upper bowl today, but I respectfully disagree,” Andrew Ference. These words are just as true then as they are now. These workout are for everyone no matter where in the stadium you finish.

When is the next one?:

The major event dates can be found here

Where did these names come from?:

What is this this event like?:

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