THE NYC Half Marathon

For those of you who haven’t spent the last half hour Googling what St. Patrick’s Day REALLY is (no, just me?) I found a few really interesting fun facts. While I am no match for Rob’s Fun Fact Friday, here it is: 

While St. Patrick’s Day was originally and is customarily celebrated by a big feast and lifting the rules of Lent for one day (meaning allowing everyone to eat and drink to their hearts’ desire), North America began the tradition of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the 18th century (then spreading to Ireland in 1903). 

THE POINT IS…  From 1999 until 2004 the shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the world took place in Dripsey, County Cork. It was 76 feet long, as that was the distance between the village’s two pubs. However, this year in the year of 2019 we will be attempting the world’s LONGEST St. Patrick’s Day Parade where over 100 of our November Project brothers and sisters, those of which include #traverbals from Providence, Philadelphia, Boston, DC, and many others will take to the streets of Brooklyn on March 17th and strut their stuff over the Manhattan Bridge, up FDR Drive, across to Times Square, up to Central Park, and around the 72nd transverse to head south towards where the NYC Marathon finish line will be in November. 

(Photo by Andy Katz/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Sounds exciting right? Let me one up that and make it even more exciting. How often do you think, wow I wish I could see the amazing, high-spirited and beautiful faces of this NP movement more often? OBVIOUSLY the answer is ALL.THE.TIME. Well, your wish is my command. This year (drum roll please….) we will have not one but TWO cheer zones for the NYC Half Marathon. Why should we only see our NP family once and at the end of a race? Why not let our Brooklyn family remind us how loved we are as we head towards the Manhattan Bridge, to then have our Manhattan family greet us in Central Park, giving us that last final push to the finish line as a reminder of how bad ass we are and that we, in fact, can do it? 

The X marks the spot for where this cheer zone will be. Look familiar? That’s because it is right by Fort Greene. Feels just like home. And not to mention all of the trains nearby so if you are not in Brooklyn or not close by, hop on one of the many trains that will take you straight to the cheer zone. This will be right around Mile 4 of the race.

The racers are going to have a love/hate relationship with your location as they will be heading up one of the final hills in Central Park before the finish line to see your rad faces. But boy will they be excited to see you when they do. Where might that be? Apparently there’s a dairy visitor center in Central Park! So mooove your butt over to the X where Center Drive meets East Drive for some cheer zone madness (sorry, had to). This will be just after Mile 12. 

Coming in from out of town to cheer and don’t know where ANY of these places are? Do not fret, our fantastic co-leaders created one big Facebook invitation that has all of the information for both of the cheer zones so add yourself to it! You are also more than welcome to reach out to myself or one of the co-leaders with any questions.

Finally, as one more PSA before I end this novel, please please please read all of your emails from NYRR about the race. There have been A LOT of changes. The start line, the start corrals, the course itself, the finish line, bag check, etc etc etc. I have posted some information about the start corrals below so you can start planning your transportation to the start. Based on the information I have received about these changes, it will be very important to follow their instructions and suggestions very carefully to ensure a safe and (relatively) stress-free race. 

Alright, that’s all from me. Whether you are cheering or racing, just have fun!!


Erica (Cap.)

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