Showing up for each other

Right about now it’s mid-day on Tuesday. You may be thinking about what you are going to have for dinner or whether you are going to show up for our workout tomorrow (but do you really have to think that hard?!) We think that’s a pretty damn good idea. We know workouts are better when you are there. And maybe you’ve noticed that your day is inevitably brighter when you get a chance to scream swear words and high five, or maybe hug, a few friends before the sun rise. I don’t need to convince you all of the good that November Project may bring. I’m here to talk about something that I think goes unsaid at November Project most of the time.

You see, at November Project we don’t ask too many questions. We meet people where they are, welcome them in and get to it with the workout. Sure over time, friendships form and you come to expect the same familiar faces to be there to greet you. Numbers will inevitably fluctuate, people will miss workouts or whole weeks and months at a time, and all of that is okay. The simplicity of “just showing up” holds true at every one of our workouts. Just show up for a workout and just show up for each other. One of my favorite parts of Nick’s recent article in the Hopkins School of Public Health Magazine was about exactly that. If you haven’t had a chance to read this piece yet I highly suggest you check it out! To quote the article, “there is no greater gift to others than your willingness to keep showing up for them. The world needs more people willing to simply be there when we’re needed”. November Project is about holding a space for us to show up for each other. That is far more important than any nitty gritty details that you might find in our workouts.

Part of this means that people show up with all types of shit they are dealing with, both the good and the bad! Sometimes people show up and want to be up in the middle of everything, while others want to put their head down and work so hard they induce vomiting. We’ve all probably have had days where we have questioned whether we were up for the goofiness that can be NP. I just want to say that it’s okay if there are days where you don’t want a hug or when cracking a smile is challenging and you really just want to yell out that big old swear word (F*$%).  There are days that we will push the pace and days that we just don’t have that in us! We are all human. My whole point here is that part of the “just show up” idea is that no matter what you have going on you can show up and get some encouragement, human engagement and, of course, exercise and no one will ask more of you.

We say all of this to share some background on why we were missing our newest, spunkiest and fastest co-leader last week. No, she was not nursing the kiddos at Hopkins back to health like she may be on other days. Lizzie was at home with her family while coping with the unexpected loss of her father. I’m sharing this information with trust that you will support her in this space as she grieves. I know this isn’t the first and won’t be the last loss that folks in our community have dealt over our five years together. It is a gentle reminder that life is short and we can support each other through hard times simply by showing up for each other when we need each other. We can offer support by being empathetic and giving a hug or a high five.

Tomorrow we close out our February fifth year anniversary sticker chart attendance!! You wouldn’t really miss the last chance to collect a sticker, would you?!

We can’t wait to see you all racing around Rash Field. If you want gear tagged, bring a top and we will gladly spray paint NOVEMBER PROJECT across the chest for you to wear proudly everywhere. Reach out if you have any questions.

Much NP love,

Your co-leaders.

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