The No Coast Run

NP no coast hugs

Chicago boys welcomed by MSN and MSP hugs 

It is difficult to explain this past Sunday to a person who lives next to an ocean……….

Mad jealous of seeing all this beautiful East Coast crossover brotherhood, some Midwest Tribes got together in Madison Wisconsin for  6 miles of smiles around  beautiful Lake Wingra.    On this weekend we welcomed our youngest Tribe to NP17-Chicago.  MSN, MKE and Chicago tribes were united on Saturday evening and wasted no time talking about how great tomorrow’s run would be, and wasted less time jawing shit about how the MSP leaders were about to bitch out and miss such a great NP unifying event.

NP no coast trails


Mid-run “trail spice” 

As MKE’s DG arrived on the scene Sunday morning, he was greeted by a surprise attack courtersy of the MSP leaders Holly and Ben.  The day began to feel more whole, and yet all the MSP shit talking still felt worth it.  The painting, freeze tag, running and laughing that ensued over the next hours was uniquely and intensely November Project at its finest.  As a proud leader the sight of people that just met, bombing wooded trails and high fiving, doing hoisties and hugging is hard to recapture, yet once again I am reminded that all tribemembers of NP17 have experienced this instant synergy.

The day was a smashing success, 4 tribes getting together to remind us that what we do is simple, yet important.   MKE, MSN and MSP would like to welcome Chicago to the neighborhood.  Positivity award and stencils in hand on their way out of town, we know they will keep this magic rolling in our 17th city.


NP- no coast group

The Finish Line – @Gates and Brovi 


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