The Larger Community (YEG)

Today we saw visitors from all over North America join our tribe. Regina, Ottawa, Portland and Philadelphia joined us today. You see, that’s the great thing about November Project. You know that feeling of belonging you get when you show up? That one where you may not actually know the person next to you, but you feel like they’d be your friend, and you are actually already friends in a weird way? Well, you can get that same feeling when you head to any of the other 48 cities that have a November Project. If you haven’t been able to visit another tribe, I would strongly recommend it. And you don’t need to trust me about it. Talk to any of the tribe members who are visiting or sporting tags from other cities. If you’ve already travelled, without picking favourites, which tribe is your favourite?

My top 3 is Boston, DC and Amsterdam. But I’ve had a ton of fun at each tribe I’ve visited.

Monday we are at on the river at Louise McKinney park.

See you there!

Find the Good,


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