The dedication bell…but more importantly, Donuts.

A lot of important things happened today. We can’t remember what they all were but we assure you, this morning was full of important things. I shall list a few:

1. Donuts
2. A few stud newbies. Scott, thanks for the donuts. They made an impression.
3. A donut that actually had a piece of bacon on it. Fucking bacon, right there, on top of a donut. Right? A sliver of delicious pork perched delicately on top of maple flavored fried dough. Bacon donut, if you’re out there, I hope you went to a good home
4. A bell was definitely involved this morning.
5. A donut with sprinkles on it. Oh, and that one with cinnamon.
6. Patches yelling through a traffic cone.
7. Cupcakes
8. There were a lot of stairs as well. And some squats. Well a lot of squats. Patches decided to bring Sally back so we had to suffer through those shenanigans. We all deserved numbers 1,3,5 and 7 after that.
9. A positivity stick IOU. Megan, you’re positive as hell and we love you. WE also owe you a stick with the NP name on it. Sorry we’re forgetful
10. The only thing that could be better than cupcakes…Gio and Evan’s legs running around in freezing weather.  Shorts in any weather folks. Their legs are just that weatherproof. Easy ladies, don’t all get up at once, plenty of Gios and Evans to go around.


We think that about covers it. We know other important things happened but honestly, we can’t remember. We blacked out somewhere between bacon and maple. Thanks to all you awesome tribe members who braved this winter relapse and stuck it out with us. The bmore tribe is really coming together and we couldn’t be happier.

Next week’s workout is going to be a whole new sort of crazy.  #Bmore_ridiculous is the theme. We encourage you to be as ridiculous in clothing and character as possible. Prepare costumes. Ridiculous they must be but the rest is up to thee.

The tribe is strong y’all.


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