The Classic Recap (NOLA)

It’s Monday morning post-workout and I’m sitting on my couch in denial. The weekend is over and we have to go back to reality. But before I put my big girl shoes on & go to work, I’ve got one thing to say…


Thank you to the Crescent City Classic and Ms. Gini for letting us speak at the Expo on Thursday night. Thank you to the crowd of people who stuck around and listened to Glenn and I go on and on about why NP is the greatest thing. Thank you to my fellow leaders who helped advise on the best way to go about speaking to a crowd. Thank you to Rob who helped me pull together NP pics last minute because one of us had to focus on our day job. Thank you to Glenn for letting me be the queen of sap & never picking on me too much for it. If you didn’t have the chance to come by the expo, have no fear…

Find the links here… Glenn’s StoryMia’s Story

Thank you to the 100+ people who showed up to sweat with us on Friday morning at Champions Square. Thank you to Mark Berger for always being our fellow yogi. Thank you to all of the injury deck people who helped write the workout on PR Day. Thank you for your patience as we tagged frantically at the end. Thank you to the tribe member that told Dazzo that she had the fleur de lis upside down. Thank you to Hilary Landry for the free swag and the amazing CCC Poster. Thank you to Leland for always being a star.

Thank you to the 50+ people who bounced with us for one of the most memorable bounces of my NP career. Thank you to the camera guy who forgot to come back. Thank you to the tribe members who thanked us for hyping them up. Thank you to the race directors who put on yet another amazing CCC. Thank you to the hundreds of people who helped raise of $1.2MILLION for local NOLA nonprofits.

Thank you for Dazzo, Kait and DMart for spending their Easter weekend with us in NOLA. Thank you for sharing your stories and advice and letting us show you a real New Orleans experience. Thank you for the friends who pushed me and each other to finish & maybe even PR. Thank you to Lou for teaching us everything we know. Thank you to Glenn for being my co. Thank you to this movement for bringing such amazing people into my life.

And last, but most certainly not least… Thank YOU for being here. I am so glad you are here.

Win your day.



  • The Classic is discounted to $40 until April 15th for next year’s race (April 20, 2019). If you sign up before April 15, I will bring you an NP tagged CCC shirt from this year’s race. REGISTER HERE:
  • As a cool prize, here is a video of this year’s first place winner, Jake Robertson, trotting around the Dome with his fiance and 4th place finisher, Magdalyne Masai. They ran probably 20 times around this damn place.

Announcements… just show up Wednesday – 5:15 or 6am. Champions Square

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