The Best Workout You Never Had


This morning it didn’t rain. And it was the best workout of all time. Oh, you weren’t there? That’s really too bad. Let me tell you how great it was. At the end we’ll compare the workout’s greatness to your cozy bed. Spoiler alert: NP > Bed every time.

Let’s start at the beginning. We showed up. We #JustShow(ed)Up. Step 1 to making a great day. We made some new friends. Alex, a newbie from Emeryville and friend of Malcolm (from the Mothership in Boston), showed up and crushed it. Patrick, a newbie also from the East Bay quietly showed up late, pretended it was an accident, and then did his first ever hoistees like a bawse. Anand visited us from DC and Patrick Canfield showed up to do his backbends. How do you even do those Patrick??

We bounced it out. Enthusiasm was high as were our jumps. Have you ever seen Danielle Zola get off the ground? Lady has some ups. We yelled Good Morning at each other as loud as we could. Then decided we were Fucking Good as a group. Unanimous positive attitude. Best way to start the day. Still no rain by the way.

We got rolling and seriously worked our asses off. One partner ran a loop down into Fort Mason and up the steps while the other partner did a pyramid (5 reps, 10 reps, 15, 20, 25, then back down) of box jumps, pushup jacks, dips, and leg raises. But because we’re such tight friends, we stopped when our partners returned and did hoistees together. Because that’s how you begin to kick Monday’s ass.

After dominating this seemingly indomitable workout we took a great picture. I mean look at those faces below. Oozing “best workout ever” and “best day ever” vibes. Don’t believe me? Look closer at Jason Levy. Glad we’re on the same page now.

Bottom line, this morning was awesome. Smaller than usual crew. I would say shame on you ye who slept in, but I’m not about that negativity. #WeMissedYou will have to do. See everyone Wednesday.



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