The 5 Year Recruits (SF)

“When is that workout group again? The one Laura leads? Oh, 6:30 on Wednesdays. I’ll get there soon.”

This is the conversation Connor has been having with his friends Peter, Andrew and Mike for 5 years. They would see each other at work, at bars, on bike rides, and everywhere in between, but never at Alta Plaza at 6:30 on Wednesdays. Connor would give up but then one of them would ask, “Oh, when is that workout again? Oh, 4 steps from my apartment? Right, right. I’ll come soon! I promise!” This has gone on for years. YEARS. A few months ago when it came up in conversation I remember saying “It’s okay Andrew, I know you’re never coming.”

You see, I have given up on my friends. For most of us, the ones closest to us are the ones who couldn’t be less interested in this morning workout group we go to. Which is fine. It’s great actually. It creates a brand new community of fresh faces and helps us create subdivisions of our life: work friends; NP friends; OG friends; black out drinking friends etc. etc.  So when OG friends came out for the very first NP workouts to “support their friend” and never showed up again, I didn’t take it personally, because I was creating a new space with new faces.

So when this morning I looked into the crowd and there were Connor’s 5 year recruits, I was shocked. WILL WE GET THEM TO ANOTHER WORKOUT?! Only time will tell. But I will say, our NP dog contingent is looking awfully good these days. Let’s just keep recruiting cute dogs? Wonderful.

P.S. Turns out you truly can shoot your eye out with a nerf gun. Dear Alice, I am SO SORRY I almost blinded you for life this morning. I will not be randomly shooting those things off in the future. Turns out the biathlon is not in my future. Or maybe it is?

Friday:  Hills in Chinatown for Year of the Dog New Year’s Celebration. Perfect time to recruit dogs! 6:28 AM at California and Grant


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