That NP Feeling (YWG)

  • Today’s blog is brought to you by Darren Spurrill. He started writing a personal blog a few months ago, and I’ve enjoyed reading them so I reached out to him and asked if he’d be willing to do one for NP YWG. As expected, he nailed it. I’ll attach his blog in one hot sec, let me just hit you with some important info first (in point form to make it fast and easy)
  • The month of January is the showing up challenge; every time you show up, it counts as one entry. Every new person you recruit counts as an entry. The North Face gear as prizes, drawn at The Great Skate. We might do one draw prize outside of The Great Skate for those that can’t make it, but don’t count on it.
  • Tomorrow’s workout will be a new one, and it might be one of the hardest ones yet. I’m excited for it. It might even be a -31 badge day if we are lucky enough for the windchill to drop it that low.

Here is Darren’s guest blog; enjoy!

How do you feel after an NP workout? If you’re like me, you’re sweaty, exhausted, and a bit sore (or maybe that’s just my old muscles…). You’d also have just finished interacting with a bunch of great people, and you’re experiencing “the NP feeling”: having more confidence in yourself, optimism about the coming day, and a greater openness to others. It’s a great addition to the physical benefits of aerobic exercise.

Modern technology has brought us many great things, but it has also resulted in the muting of real human connections. This is what makes November Project such a unique phenomenon in that it’s building human connections again – there’s no chance to escape to your phone in the middle of a workout. It’s no accident, either, that connections are being built as we exercise, since our bodies are producing more oxytocin– a hormone that promotes social interaction. It’s also an easy phenomenon to experience, in that it’s a community which you can just “plug into” (thanks to Danielle P. for this quip that I overheard her say at a recent workout!).

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to assist with packaging goods in support of Koats for Kids and for the Kindred Project. Helping with these endeavors gives us the chance to spread some goodness, and it lead me to think there’s some goodness that can be spread around that doesn’t involve material donations, money, or packaging. Namely, how “the NP feeling” can be brought to the broader world.

I think there are several ways we can do this. First, we can do as our tribe leaders frequently implore us to do and recruit! Let people see for themselves how we feel during/after a workout. Beyond that, we can default to openness, positivity, and inclusivity in our daily lives. I feel like there are many people out there who want to exhibit these traits, but the environments they inhabit make it difficult. By modelling these qualities ourselves, it will be easier for others to do it too. Good deeds can also help with this mission – being in this community inspired me to help with the above charities. Finally, we can encourage our families/friends/coworkers to add physical activity to their lives so that they can feel the mental benefits of exercise. 

I’m not saying I’m currently doing all of these things; I still have some work to do, I admit. But if we all do our little part in our little corner of the world, we can spread “the NP feeling”!

-Darren Spurrill

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