Thank you.*

I’m not really event sure where to begin with this. You guys have left me speechless.

This is a thank you to all those that continuously #JUSTSHOWUP.

A thank you to those who showed up this morning and Monday morning to race. To those that only show up only Wednesdays at 5:30am and to those of you who show up to both… To you who continue to show up EVERY M,W,Fr at 6:30am no matter what. And lastly to you who show up on Tuesdays, on Thursdays and ALSO show up in the afternoon and weekends. It’s a reminder that this community has no edges. No boundaries. No definitions and no walls.

Rewind back to approximately 6 years ago and that singular word – community – used to send me into an anxious shock that most may experience when hearing trigger words like ‘moist’. It was overused and thrown around everywhere. That word was the reason why I ended many friendships and relationships. I couldn’t fathom why people would want to settle down. Why people wouldn’t to always keep exploring (or never stop exploring). I never pictured myself living in one city, one place, for any extended amount of time. The world has so much to offer and if you stop growing, you become stale. At least that is what I had convinced myself.

I struggled to see the value and importance in true, deep authentic connections at least until the summer of 2013. If you haven’t heard my NP story it’s out there in other blogs and this is not about how I fell in love with NP for the first time and how it changed my life. This is about how after 6 years of coming I still continue to fall in love with this movement and how it still continues to blindsides me at every turn & go.

This past Friday morning, my alarm goes off at 4:45. I get up just like I do every other day of the week and have for every Friday for the last 6 years. I get my shit/gear packed and talking to Saul as she’s on her way to pick me up. I’m looking forward to some of the few special moments we really get to connect on our way to every workout and something made me just double check where I had parked my bike the day before. It wasn’t there. I had that crazy panic of like where the F*$& is my bike and then I start tracing my steps. I definitely parked it there. I’m sure of it. I look up to see the NO PARKING sign has been unscrewed and is laying on the ground and my bike had been jacked up and over the pole. Dope.

I don’t really have time to comprehend how much I rely on that thing for my daily life until I get in the car with Saul and it all sinks in. Damn.

We arrive at the workout and while the stolen bike is still on my mind it’s not really. Somehow my attention is just shifted to the debauchery that’s about to go down at the crown of summit. I must have mentioned it to a few people but honestly I don’t even recall saying it all.

7:29am the workout is done and the stolen bike is nowhere to be found in my brain space. The positivity that we generate every m, w, fr and beyond trumps any negative energy – – ain’t got no time or space for that, sorry but no parking here bud.

I begin the decent down the hill with Papa Bojan and Sauk and we start talking about something more serious – which is highly uncommon for us. Afterwards I remember simply saying – damn sometime these humans can do pretty beautiful and amazing things. It was refreshing. That thought came and went in an instance but little did I know that would come back to closed-fist punch me straight in the face (in the best way possible)…

I’m texting my daily whereabouts and activities to Saul which isn’t uncommon. Yeah, I’m headed over to Laundry’s – I gotta get a new bike. I fucking hate paying for ubers. (sent from an uber)…

I meet up with my old friend Mark Vatur and he’s pulled out back for a phone call – “Yo Vatur! Someone named Lisa is looking for ya!” Doesn’t phase me in the slightest.

He returns and I quickly ask, “so which bike can I put pegs on?” he brings me to a McDonald’s colored bike with a bell and streamers coming from the side. Now as much as you can probably anticipate I was screaming FUCK YEAH!! I contained myself and moved on. Then I’m standing face-to-face with a baby. A Chartreuse Baby…. I say baby because it was way too small for me but if it hadn’t been ohhhhhhh baby!!!

Then another beauty catches my eye and without a doubt we both are like yeah that is the one. I don’t even need to get on it. He sets the thing up and and im going to pay and all of a sudden Mark says, “you’re good.” Not the questions we ask everymorning (y’all good?) but a statement. You’re good.

“Mark STFU, tell me what the damage is.”

“No, you’re all good.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

We proceed to argue and he tells me it’s not him. It’s the tribe. I’m literally about to walk out to another bike shop before he wins by saying it’s already done. Take the bike.

I was speechless. In tears.

That Lisa on the phone was from the tribe. She was the tribe calling to tell him that they raised money to get me a bike to make sure I’ll be prompt to workouts from now until eternity.

I still don’t even know what to say besides thank you. To everyone of you. For simply showing up. For me.

I think that in your life you meet people that you choose to be with. Other friends that you want to be with. People you may not necessarily have a choice to be with. Family that you have to be with. Humans that you need to be with. People that find you and others that you find. People that are good for you as much as you are good for them.

If you’re lucky you’ll find yourself surrounded by a group of people that meet all of the above.

Friday I was reminded how lucky I really am.

Thank you. With all of the love from my heart,


*Sorry, I’m not sorry for the Saul blog, but someone had to step up in her absence 😉

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