Taking on the Summer (YEG)

Here we are in the middle of Aug already and I’m trying to enjoy as much of the summer weather as I can. How have you been doing that? Have you been camping, reading on the patio, walking the dog in new neighbourhoods, or maybe just spending time in the sun?

Last weekend I went for a river float around Sangudo (if you’ve never been I highly recommend) this weekend I will be doing a back country hike like I’ve never done before (I’ll take a photo for you), and the week after that…well…I am not sure yet. Any ideas?

I can say with certainty that your choices in spite of the abnormal situation that we find ourselves in, continue to inspire me. The choice you make to attend a virtual workout, to read these blogs, to reach out to members of our community or even to just lace up your workout shoes reaffirms to me that this group of individuals have a spark in them. It shows me that what November Project embodies cannot be stopped by the adversity in front of us. Damn inspiring – simple as that. I know I know a bit intense for a blog post at 10pm but still its true and these blogs let me express how much your efforts mean to me.

That inspiration drives me to continue to work on myself. Through hard societal conversations, through reading more, and through my own physical exercise. I know that I am not alone in walking this path of self betterment and in subtle and explosive ways we build off of each other. Truly from the bottom of my heart thank you for taking the time to put your effort in.

You, my dear reader, matter and I hope that in the last few weeks of summer you can take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy it. If you’re willing I want to hear all about it.

Keep being awesome and we’ll talk again soon.


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