November Project is Kelowna’s welcome wagon


My first impression of Kelowna can be described in 2 words:


I had lived in Kelowna for a grand total of 6 hours before I met Roz. The way I see it, November Project is Kelowna’s welcome wagon. At least that’s the way it went for me. 

It was Sunday. I was walking down Pandosy to meet a friend for coffee when I saw what I thought was a surfer chick standing at her car. Long curly hair, backward trucker hat, blue crop top, drinking coffee in the hot sun. Not coffee from a to-go mug, but a coffee cup resting on the roof of ther Volkswagen. This is the first friend I made in Kelowna. 
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How I discovered November Project.

Hi my names Jay, and here is my story about how I discovered November Project.

But first, a little background on me. I moved to the Shuswap in the fall of 2016 from Williams Lake for the environmental program in the Salmon Arm’s campus. After a year’s time, particular circumstances led me to the Kelowna’s campus. The transitions have been very difficult in all honesty. However, I’ve stayed true to my studies and have kept moving forward.
Upon arrival here, it was an actual culture shock from Williams Lake in many regards. Further, being the new guy in town has posed challenges, and I’ve constantly found myself searching for like-minded
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