Emily, Emily, Emily. (We Missed You)

This blog was inspired by your absence at today’s workout, not just one letter but all the letters that make up your name, and the title sung just like Frank Sinatra does here: https://youtu.be/kvLTsJdX0V4

Dear Emily,

Tomorrow is my birthday, and Maggie & I thought it would be FUN to give everyone shinny new PR’s (personal record for a route or course attempted / completed) to celebrate a day early. read more

How Dare You, Nick? (Brooklyn, NY)

This blog was brought to you by two guest bloggers, David and Tara, who felt personally victimized by the missed #verbal of Nick Collins…


You were so excited about the new PR course. What happened? PR Day is YOUR DAY.

And yet, when we checked on your welfare, we thought we’d get a better excuse… read more

Recruiting In July

Hey tribe,

As was mentioned last week, July is a month that we have identified to launch a recruiting challenge. The rules will be explained further down, but the notion or intention that I want to really land with you all, is that recruiting should never stop.

Think about it. Think about the fact the Brooklyn was the 40th tribe to come on board for November Project. Forty. Thirty-nine other tribes came on before us, and the only reason that happened is because the cities and tribes before them spread the word. And the people before them talked about it with complete strangers. And the people before them posted about it on social media. And the people before them (we may have gotten to the beginning of this bread-crumb, jump down the rabbit hole analogy), two guys in particular – decided that they both would commit to showing up for the other. And, kept showing up.

All because of you. And you. And YOU.

Each tribe varies in size, vibe, and passport tag. But what doesn’t change is the run down of the workout, leaders who are there to support and motivate you through your workout, a group of humans who want to connect, it’s fucking free, and that recruiting as many people as possible to keep this boat afloat is not only essential – it IS the one thing that keeps this whole movement FRESH / ENERGIZED / INSPIRING.

So, when was the last time YOU brought someone to your home tribe workout? Did they come for that one workout and never came back? Or are they now arriving earlier to the workout than you and attending every social that has been thrown in the mix since?

Have you met Remi? No seriously, have you? You should. You really really should.

Either way, here in Brooklyn, we want to see what you’re made of. These are the rules for #RecruitingInJuly – see below:

  • Every Wednesday in July, after the workout: the points will be tallied by one of your leaders and put into an excel spreadsheet. Again, at the END of THE WORKOUT – no IOU’s, “Oops, I did it again,” moments – find us after the workout to etch your points into Excel spreadsheet history.
  • POINTS: not all humans brought to the workout are weighed equal (WOOF – that sounds awful. And, for this purpose – we mean this in a fun, competitive way to challenge WHO you convince to come through). They will be weighed. They will be measured. And they will be found valued…based on the following:
    • ONE POINT: Recruiting Papers, Happy Hour, or due to your spray-painted, tagged shirt #GrassrootsGear
    • TWO POINTS: Friend, Co-Worker, or Family.
    • THREE POINTS: Another City or Stranger.
    • FOUR POINTS: Mid Workout or Date.
    • FIVE POINTS: Met at a running test… #RaceEverything
    • FIFTEEN POINTS: Celebrity (Spike Lee, Malcolm Gladwell, or even Barbra Streisand)
    • read more

  • Bring back the verbal! (DCA)

    NOTE: Verbal for Friday HERE (OK, now read on as to why you should)

    What in the wide world of November Project DC has happened to The Verbal?

    If I were to deliver a State of NP DC address right now atop the Lincoln stairs (no, not the marble ones) — and as a reminder, this is not happening, and thank goodness for that — my opening would tackling this vexing question. For those new to the NP world, The Verbal is a commitment that you will attend a November Project workout. It used to be as popular as the “Big Andy 20-burpee Wednesday.” It’s not anymore. That’s a problem!  

    Here’s the official definition as taken from the glossary of NP The Book:

    A verbal commitment to attend a future workout. Most commonly done via word-of-mouth, verbals can also be “dropped” online, through a text message, or through a handwritten love note. Giving a verbal is like swearing on all graves covered in holy scriptures and future loved children and grandchildren that you’ll attend. Do the right thing, don’t break a verbal. Ever. If someone says, “Yeah, I think I’ll check out November Project this week,” you can force them by saying, “Is that a verbal?” Then show them the We Missed You section. This is “hunting” or “fishing” for a verbal.

    The book makes it sound really scary. It’s not (hey, they gotta sell books somehow #SexySells). Rather, I reached out to a few of the remaining regular verbal-ers to ask what’s up and why you should join them in helping to bring back this endangered NPDC species. Hear them out.


    Emma Yourd, frequent verbaler
    The NP #verbal is a lost art. I remember when I started coming to NP and people would comment on photo albums “#verbal” and then tag a bunch of their friends. And I couldn’t WAIT until I had enough NP friends who cared to see me at workouts and would peer pressure me into verbaling. A #verbal is a commitment to yourself, your runpool, and your friends that you’re gonna show up to the workout, and that you’re gonna put 100% into that workout. I #verbal so that our run pool can plan our route and meet up spots, so my friends from other parts of DC know I’ll be at the workout, and to pressure (in a very positive way) friends who are on the fence into dropping their own #verbal! As Lembo so eloquently put it: “why wouldn’t you want to give yourself and your friends one more reason to just show up?” read more

    PSA: Hype Posts Featuring Your Face are to be Treated as a #Verbal

    This is a story of boy meets workout. The boy, Wayne Warrington, of Phoenix, Arizona, grew up believing that he’d never truly be happy until the day he felt “the burn.” This belief stemmed from early exposure to ’80s film montages and a total misreading of Suzanne Somers’ Thighmaster infomercials. The workout, November Project, also of Phoenix, did not share this belief. Since its inception, it has stood for two things. The first was a fun, grueling workout with no pretense of exclusivity. The second was accountability. Wayne meets November Project in July 2015. He knows almost immediately it is what he has been searching for. This is a story of boy meets workout. But you should know up front, this is not a love story.

    Wisconsin Notes

  • We have eyes and ears everywhere, Wayne
  • Keep up the #NPlovesAZ, uhh, love! Get some posts out on Instagram and/Twitter to show other tribes what we’re doing to explore our community
  • Southwest Collision Course is coming the weekend of September 16-17! We will be running and camping, Ragnar Trail-style, with tribes from LA and San Deigo. This is FREE aside from whatever supplies you need to survive the weekend. More details coming shortly.
  • read more

    What’s In A Name?

    The tribe has spoken: The Saguaro needs a name.

    It has been decided that the Saguaro will be named after a famous Arizonan, native or transplant, that has done our state proud. We’ve narrowed down the huge (HUGE) list of super awesome people that have called Arizona home down to four categories- a suns legend, a politician, an outlaw, and an Olympian. And from that, one finalist from each category. read more