November Project is Kelowna’s welcome wagon


My first impression of Kelowna can be described in 2 words:


I had lived in Kelowna for a grand total of 6 hours before I met Roz. The way I see it, November Project is Kelowna’s welcome wagon. At least that’s the way it went for me. 

It was Sunday. I was walking down Pandosy to meet a friend for coffee when I saw what I thought was a surfer chick standing at her car. Long curly hair, backward trucker hat, blue crop top, drinking coffee in the hot sun. Not coffee from a to-go mug, but a coffee cup resting on the roof of ther Volkswagen. This is the first friend I made in Kelowna. 
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What November Project mean to a Mirian like me?

 What November Project mean to a Mirian like me?

I first heard of November Project couple of years back when I first joined the local #freefitness community aka MYYFITNESSFEAT led by Ridley.  He shared the inspiration on how we could pledge to become part of the NP tribe one day. Things wasn’t getting heated at that point of time until November 2016. The topic was brought up again for discussion among the team and we received lots of positive feedback.  So I thought, “WHY NOT TO GIVE IT A SHOT?!”

The GAME is ON!

We started our very first early morning workout on a Wednesday in December 2016.  Unfortunately, I was still recovering from injury at that time, so I only managed to join them a month later.  After 2 months of weekly Wednesday morning workouts, we began our NP pledge in February 2017.  It was a challenge to wake up at 4:30am to get myself ready for the 5:15am workout.  But knowing that the tribe and friends will be there working out and expecting me to show up, I have to get my ass up the hill to join them. Seeing the team started with less than 10 people then slowly growing to 20, 30, 40 and close to 60 is really an amazing experience for me.  This boost up the confidence for everyone that NP is not mission impossible for a small city like Miri. The positive vibes and energetic crowd make me feel like “I need to keep coming back for this and I shouldn’t let them down”.  I believe this was a #verbal that I have committed to the tribe.  It becomes a habit after few weeks and I have a recurring alarm set up in my phone for every Wednesday workout.

Learn to be “Weird”

How November Project differentiate from the rest of workout other that it is free, the concept encourages everyone to step up from their comfort zone and experience something that are extraordinary.  It pulls the tribe together to do something weird like BOUNCE! Everyone stick closely together and follow the co-leader for bouncing plus some shouting of greetings and cheers.  Hugging stranger is not what we practice here hence we start with high 5 in the beginning.  Then we start to hug our friends and those we know well and now we start to hug even the newbies (if they feel comfortable).

It’s for the community not individual

I like the atmosphere in group workout.  We are not competing but try our best to influence each other to perform to their best level.  This is what I have learnt and experience throughout November Project workout.  Seeing the newbies keep coming back and watching them getting faster, stronger and giving their 100% effort bring the biggest glory to all of us.  The achievement and satisfaction feel a lot greater than individual completing the workout alone at their top form.  I hope this positive energy will spread across the whole city of Miri and getting more and more people to join us in this awesome community.

My first experience with November Project tribe to cheer Miri runners in ‘Dynasty run’ was another milestone for me.  Cheering strangers at the last 1.5 km before the finish line to give them addition boost to push through the finishing line.


What does November Project mean to me?  Besides keeping my energy and fitness level, it is a great avenue for me to give something back to the community by joining other Co-Leaders; Ridley and Ing Hui to facilitate the session.  Lots of thing to learn and catch up with this new experience. Our tribe is growing in the right direction and the vibes are getting stronger! GO NOVEMBER PROJECT MALAYSIA!