Community Gathering Recap (CHI)

November Project Chicago city logo

This past Sunday evening members of November Project Chicago came together to hold space and offer up their thoughts, feelings, and reactions to the blog post by Maggie MayKei, NP Brooklyn co-leader, and the November Project headquarters response regarding the pervasive white privilege our the organization as a whole.

New Wednesday, Who Dis? (CHI)

Wisconsin Notes:  We’re going to rotate Wednesday locations quarterly.  As of September we’ll be on the 606.  For those of you who want to know the reasoning behind the switch, read on.

Two of the topics we discussed in depth at the Meeting of the Minds was inclusivity and diversity.  Each city needs to take those lessons back home, and we as co-leaders need to determine which ways we can (and should) encourage and foster inclusivity and diversity in our own communities.  We believe that exploring neighborhoods for a longer period of time is one way to promote these ideas. The 606 unites Wicker Park, Bucktown, and Humboldt Park. By working out on the 606 we hope to connect with the populations of these neighborhoods.  And by working out in the same location for three months, we hope to recruit more members. One week someone from Humboldt Park sees us on her morning commute–running ramp repeats, alligator walking, high fiving each other–having fun at 6:30am…the next week maybe she stops and asks what we’re doing, who we are…and the third week she joins us.  Wouldn’t it be terrible if the week after you join us we moved away!? Exactly. So we’re going to stay and cultivate some new relationships in new neighborhoods. Let’s recruit everybody who wants to be a part of this community. read more

This was more of a Push-It kind of Morning

The cold rainy conditions didn’t deter the group who showed up this morning. Between wet exercises, and pushing cars around the parking lot while blasting 80’s top 40 hits it was an amazing morning.


For those that ran the Shamrock Shuffle 8k over the weekend we loved cheering for you. Saw some great PR’s happen.

Wisconsin Notes:

  • For those interested in attending Milwaukee’s workout on 4/18 in Miller Park SIGN UP ASAP
  • For those going to MKE for the No Coast Summit on 4/22 SIGN UP ASAP
  • Fill out the Doodle for figuring out a date to have NP_Chi Prom
  • Monday Pop-Up Location for April Oz Park
  • read more

    Chasing PR Ghosts on a foggy day

    Of the 24 people at the workout this morning we had 7 PR’s which means almost 30% of the group had their best run in funky muddy conditions.

    Don’t forget to log your laps here on the NP Tracker to keep track of your runs.

    Wisconsin Notes:

  • Check out the details for the PR Social Event tonight at Guthries
  • This weekends details for the Shamrock Shuffle 8k and Cheer Station
  • If you are going to the No Coast event in MKE on 4/22 please fill out this FORM
  • If you are looking for housing to crash on someones couch please email Andy – with your name, contact info and how many people you need beds for.
  • read more

    Sledding through March

    A small but determined group showed up this morning to help us through our very first sledding workout. The sleds were fierce and fast. Hill runs were snowy and persistent. Well done & be well. See everyone on Friday.


    Wisconsin Notes:

    • Chicago is STILL leading the March Sister City Challenge against PHX and Serbia (#fuckyeah)
    • Sunrise 6k race on 3/22. See you there
    • No celebs have attended workouts yet (see below post)
    • All other info is listed in THIS POST!

    United State of Women – NPCHI Edition

    United State of Women Chicago

    “Not much of an introduction is needed here. Emily has been a core member in Chicago since the beginning and has even recruited people from a hot tub (BALLER). She also does Triathlons and did one using Chicago’s bike share which is a  tank of a bike. Needless to say, she’s awesome. So listen up, pump it up and get ready for some NP fun.” NP_CHI Leaders – OUT!! read more

    April but not fooled (CHI)

    This picture really sums up how amazing our start to the day was.

    We talk about health and fitness. A lot. However, another extremely important part of what we do is creating a strong supportive community that allows all people who participate with us to feel safe and comfortable. The willingness to change, and just as important, the hard work that accompanies that change puts many people in a vulnerable position. One where they question themselves about how they look, how the next person is thinking about them and their effort, should I give up, should I keep going.

    Today was an example of how we can come together as a group to get each other through those tough internal battles. Thank you for the high fives. Thank you for the hugs. Thank you for supporting each other. Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for helping to be a part of something where people feel safe enough to want to come back and work their asses off each week.

    We have an incredible community growing in Chicago and I want to thank all of you for helping to make each and every day we meet better than the last.

    All Smiles Today – Andy