Tackle the day.

Today, more specifically the date February 5th, is a day that I’m not always able to tackle. 21 years ago today, I woke up to my mom letting me know that my best friend was gone. Mark was the older brother I wished I had. After my mom and my nan, Mark was probably my biggest supporter. He’d always wait for me to catch up while we rollerbladed or rode bikes, he would let me have a turn while we played video games for hours, and he’d ask me what I wanted to watch or listen to. He was awesome and I miss him.

It’s important to surround yourself with people that believe in you and support you. The hard bits of life are infinitely more easy to overcome when you have a community backing you. I believe in “little successes”. Tiny accomplishments that build our self confidence up to tackle greater obstacles. Tim Ferris talks about the importance of making your bed in the morning, and how completing that simple task will set you up for the rest of the day.

One of my favorite benefits of going to November Project are those little victories. I wake up and get out of bed at the ass crack of dawn to go run. We all know that it can be difficult to just get out of bed. Especially when it is still dark out and cold, and our bed is warm and cozy. We do it though, week in and week out. As comfortable as that bed is, it doesn’t compare to the emotion that we feel leaving a workout. The positive radiance that escapes our face via a cheek to cheek smile. The massive serotonin boost from running around on a cool crisp morning with a bunch of friends. The satisfaction in knowing that you are ready to tackle the rest of the day!

As I went out for my run after the workouts were over I couldn’t help but think about Mark. How much he would have loved NP. How he would give out the most high fives and fuck yeahs, and encourage me to be an even bigger kid at the workouts.

Thank you to everyone who showed up today. You didn’t know it, but you helped prepare me to tackle today.



Friday 2/7 – Cheviot Hills

3/8 – LA Marathon – We will have a cheer station at Sunset/Poinsettia

3/14 – NPLAX/Saturday Stairs/Girl Scouts of America Hollywood Bowl workout

3/21 – 3/22 – Southwest Collision Course

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