Sweaty Selfies and New Best Friends (SD)

Some mornings just have that something special. That little extra spark in the air. People smile bigger, laugh louder, glisten brighter with sweat, and sing 80s rock songs at the top of their lungs. And with all that energy in the air, is it surprising to see that the hugs last longer and the friendships/relationships grow more quickly?

Which is why today was the perfect day for my personal favorite workout, the Phone Number Workout. Each of you had a unique workout combination today, based of that anonymous phone number you pulled out of the hat. Some of you did a thousand burpees, others gave me piggy back rides, and a few lucky souls touched Eugene’s beard multiple times. Either way, you left today thoroughly exhausted and with a new best friend’s phone number in your pocket.

Don’t forget to text them. Tell them happy Wednesday, or how much you love them, or send them a sweaty selfie. Or, as suggested earlier, a dick pic? (But only if you’ve signed the waiver first, I’m pretty sure there’s a clause in there about that). Just kidding. About the dick pic. Don’t send that.

But DO sign the waiver. Remember you have two options:

1. Go to the trackerand sign up/sign in. You’ll click a disclaimer box in the process of signing up, and you’re all set. Then remember to use the tracker to verbal for workouts, mark yourself as having attended, and record PRs and race times!

2. If you don’t want to sign up for the tracker, please come early next week and we will have paper waivers for you to sign.

Everyone MUST sign a waiver in one of these two ways. This is for your protection and for the protection of November Project. Say a dude in New York falls and breaks his nose, decides to sue NP, if he hasn’t signed a waiver – the whole project is screwed. And we all know how lawsuit happy those New Yorkers are (JUST KIDDING, we love you NP NYC. Especially YOU John Honerkamp. Thanks for coming out this morning with your whole family!). But you get the idea. We all need to be in this together, we all need to sign waivers.

In short: today was awesome, you are all awesome, November Project is awesome. Keep being awesome. And happy. And bright. And strong.














– CONGRATS to Natalie Gladstone and Luke Thomas who both ran their first marathons at Long Beach this weekend.

– CONGRATS to Stefanie for running a Boston Qualifying marathon this weekend!

– Keep being #weatherspoof. Keep showing up. Keep bringing friends (or enemies). Keep growing this tribe while the rest of the world goes into hibernation.

– See you at Presidio Park on Monday morning!

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