Don’t believe me? Just Watch! (DEN)

This morning we spent some time getting funky. We all got a little funked up… That’s a thing… right? Yes. Yes it is. Because I said it is. I’m glad we have that settled. In fact, I think it was a good time had by all!

Speaking of time (see what I did there)… It’s been some time since we’ve seen the Positivity Award… awarded. Seeing that always makes Wednesdays even more amazing that they typically are. And I don’t think that it could have gone to anyone better today! Danielle! Even though you ran away after I asked you to stay for 2 more minutes, we all still love you dearly. Like I said, the award isn’t for being the fastest or the loudest, but instead for showing the love that is November Project. It’s for recognizing that November Project is not just the workout. That it starts with the workout, continues into the rest of the week, and doesn’t end until you say it does!

Speaking of time (see what I did there)… Lieutenant Daniel Flanniel Turboletti Berteletti revived a workout that we haven’t seen in a while! The good old clock workout! We ticked and we tocked from station to station. Getting our sweat on as time flew by… or did it stand still? I guess that’s relativity for you! Thanks Einstein! I’m glad I got to share this morning with all of you. I wish I could do it again… If I could turn back time… Thanks Cher!

The point… that I’ve spent zero time making so far (or all of the time? Relativity?)… is that we all choose how we spend our time. Even if we don’t choose, we still choose by letting someone else choose for us. I’m honored and so extremely happy that you all choose to spend it with me every Wednesday and Friday morning. So happy, that it’s kinda funked up! (see what I did there) I hope that you choose to not let November Project end after the group shot. I hope that it continues long into your week, because you choose to not let the cheer, and the vibes, and the good times end.

Keep doing you, and go leave someone better than you found them!

5:30 clockmakers

FRI: 5:30/6:15a Convention Center Stairs


WED: 5:30/6:15a Civic Center Park B.Y.O.P. (bring your own pumpkin)

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