Super Powers (YEG)

Today was a big Jen’s choice day: One of her favourite workouts, in one of her favourite locations. Jen  suggests both of these once a month. Usually, I try to come up with alternatives to this, but eventually she wears me down to the point where I just give in. To be honest though, this is actually one of the more demanding workouts we have. It’s like taking an ordinary deck of cards, and giving it superpowers. It’s basically a super deck without the deck. The deck is 416 reps total. This is almost a third more which includes partner exercises which forces you to awkwardly interrupt someone and ask them to do one of two ridiculously need exercises: Hosties or Bojans. Speaking of, try telling someone about the hoisties and Bojan that you did and you’ll get even stranger looks than when you tell people you got up to workout at 6am.

One more thing: The past week has been a sweet spot for great weather, mixed with a lack of mosquitos. I can only hope this lasts for a while longer.

If today’s chicken and rooster routine wasn’t the clue, well, here’s your chance to lead the bounce. The details very simple:

  • Create a video that is no longer than 1 minute, letting us know why you’d be great at leading the bounce.
  • DM it to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. (If it’s on instagram, make sure you set it so we can watch it multiple times.)
  • Do this before May 20th.

If your video is funny/entertaining/ridiculous/weird enough, we’ll let you lead a Monday bounce. Our favourite guest bounce from the summer (based on completely subjective criteria) will get an encore performance at the stadium in August.

Not sure if you got what it takes? Well, then you probably weren’t at the workout, because the bar is real low after today.

Find the Good,


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